Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gentle Reminders

Speaking of signs strategically placed to offer gentle reminders throughout the day...

Look what showed up in our bathroom yesterday...

I was aghast.  Who among us would write something so uncouth???  It was no doubt done in a thoughtless fit of exasperation.  (I'm just guessing about the circumstances, of course.)  

Thankfully, I kept my wits about me and was able to replace this crazed-person-with-a-giant-marker poster
with something a little less boorish and ill-mannered.  Here is the slightly more tasteful replacement...

While definitely more polite, and even a little pretty, the fact that I have to have this manner of sign in my bathroom at all, is moderately disturbing.  It remains to be seen what the long term effects of such a sign will be.  

Perhaps the best result of all was that to create this little beauty, I finally openend up my Heidi Grace Designs alphabet punch-outs (which I can't even link to b/c I can't find them anywhere on the web).  They're one of those things that I bought ages ago, but they're so cute I never wanted to use them and spoil the newness.  Am I the only person who does that???  I finally caught on to it about a year ago when I realized I had some awesome Wilton cookie sheets that I hadn't used for YEARS because I didn't want them to look... used.  I'm mental, I know.  Now that I've identified this problem (and it's only one of ever so many) I try to remember that it's totally pointless to have nice things if you never take them out and use them.  It's materialism at its worst - it's *gasp* hoarding.  

So, the moral of today's story is:

It's not ok to hide new things away because they're too nice and new to use.  
Find something around your house today that you bought to use but you never use. 
Get it out and use it!  It'll make you feel happy!
(unless I really am the only person that does this...  In that case, never mind.  Proceed.)


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    1. Oh, Lisa! I accidentally clicked "remove comment" I'm so sorry! Thanks for stopping by here and for your kind comments! I promise, I didn't mean to delete it! - Theresa

  2. I wouldn't make a sign like that first one even if my kids could read. There are many things that go in that toilet I very much would not like to have flushed.


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