Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Celebrating the Resurrection (and our 8 Year Anniversary!)

Alleluia!  He is Risen!

I really believe what I kept telling the kids over and over last week... As we cleaned the house Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and as chocolates started coming in from the grocery store, and when the kids found my not-so-well-hidden chocolate covered Oreo creations (thanks Mary and Pinterest!) and as we smelled sweet rolls baking and heard champagne glasses clinking... I kept saying (enough to start sounding like annoying preach-y Mom) "We do it all to show how important the Resurrection is to us."

He is Risen!  It's so great to say it and it's so great to celebrate it!  Every bit of cleaning, preparing, and  eventually, celebrating that we did was meaningful beyond surface appearance because they are material, tangible, humbly human (as in I'm a mere mortal just doing the best I can with my bread machine and gas range) attempts to "show" how important the Resurrection is to us.  How humble (and maybe a little  ridiculous!) these attempts must appear to the heavenly hosts!  They have no need for Easter dresses, floral centerpieces, and champagne... but how they must rejoice that we join in praising and proclaiming, "Christ is risen, indeed!" with the best we humans have to offer.

This is the picture you get when you tell everyone to say, "Alleluia" instead of "Cheeeeeese."  Now you know.

And on April 1st, Russ and I celebrated eight years of marriage - it was a very typical day around here - nothing outstandingly romantic, but plenty of love to go around :)  Here is our official 8 Year Anniversary portrait, we "sat" for it while I was cleaning up toys, and the photographer was a five year old:

8 years : it's Russ and Me, one sweet baby in heaven, four kiddos on our laps,
one lamb puppet tossed in the mix, and would you believe, I think this is the
first ever timer photo we've ever done???
Happy Anniversary, Russ!  Love you!

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  1. Happy anniversary!!!:) This was such a nice read. Lucie was sitting with me and looking at the pictures, giggling over how cute her friends are. Then when she saw the last picture, she pointed to the stuffed animal and said,"Is that their pet mouse?"


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