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Thoughts on Homeschooling

The Preschool Series:

Part 1: Take a Deep Breath and Don't Do Preschool

Part 2: 25 Things to Do Instead of Preschool

Part 3: ABC's, 123's and Other Stuff: 25 Things to Use With Your Preschooler Instead of a Boxed Curriculum

"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the iPad"

"iSchool: Using the iPad in our HomeSchool"
(great apps for the elementary years)

Resources and Ideas

My Homeschool Curriculum Favorites

My Favorite Audio Resources for Homeschooling

All the Homeschool Extras that I Love <3

Curriculum Choices (2014 - 2015)

"Curriculum Choices, 2013 - 2014"

How Lesson Planning Checklists Improved Our Home School Days and Attitudes

Adding a Little Extra Tech to Our Homeschool

How I Homeschool (the Lengthy Self Interview in Which I Try to Sound Like I Know What I'm Doing.)

Flyleaf Publishing for Homeschool; a Review of the Emergent Reader Series

Homeschool Art Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Kids and Classical Music
(a four part series on music appreciation in our homeschool)

Keep -It- Simple Science
... because when they're little it's more about fostering wonder and less about 
memorizing the periodic table of elements...

So, you want to learn to speak Greek?  Yeah, me neither. But just in case you're introducing the language to your child, or you are planning to take a cruise around Crete, here are some heretofore unavailable resources for both of you. If they work, you can thank me, if they don't work, I will cry at all the time I wasted doing this ;) Feel free to pass this on!

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  1. I sooo look forward to your next post...Happy Easter!!! Love, Aunt Claire


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