Caring For Our Child With Type 1 Diabetes

I confess.  I never would have read a blog post about type 1 diabetes before my son's diagnosis.  Now, I'm writing them.  Aaron was diagnosed in April 2013, when he was 6 years old.  Since then, I've been reading about it and writing about it and enjoy conversing with others on life with type 1 diabetes.  Aaron actually lives it every day; My husband and I are his educators, encouragers, and cheering squad as we take one day at a time. Whether you have a child with type 1, or know a friend that does, or are just interested in learning more,  welcome!   

In April, 2014, I wrote a small series on parenting a child with type 1 diabetes to mark the first "anniversary" of Aaron's diagnosis.  

1 Year of Type 1 Diabetes :: Part 1 :: Introduction    

1 Year of Type 1 Diabetes :: Part 2 :: Looking Back on the Weeks Before the Diagnosis 

1 Year of Type 1 Diabetes :: Part 3 :: Looking Back on Aaron's Diagnosis

1 Year of Type 1 Diabetes :: Part 4 :: What is Type 1 Diabetes? and Other Things You Can Learn from Highly Scientific Internet Memes!

1 Year of Type 1 Diabetes :: Part 5 :: Day to Day

Here are the posts from November, 2014 and 2015 (Diabetes Awareness Month)

Children With Type 1 Diabetes and Heroic Courage

Here are a few other  things I've written about it in the past, and for even more, you can click on "Type 1 Diabetes" near the bottom of the list of stuff I write about at the right.  

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If you don't want to read the "1 Year" Series, but want to see the videos Aaron made for it, check out the YouTube links here:

Aaron's "What is Type 1 Diabetes" Movie

Aaron demonstrates checking his blood and getting insulin at snack time

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Favorite books and resources:

American Diabetes Association website, info on type 1

     * This book is a fabulous resource for families with diabetic children to have on hand.  It is intended to be a guide for non-primary/parent care givers such as daycare workers, teachers, coaches, grandparents, etc... But even I learned a lot from it.  And we have already passed it on to family members.  I highly recommend it!  

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And because I appreciate being able to laugh as we travel this road...


  1. Hi there Theresa, I work on behalf of Dexcom UK and we would love to share your blog as a Facebook post. We think that the parents on our Facebook page would love to read about your experiences with Aaron. Would this be ok? This is the page: Thank you, Sophy

    1. Yes, Sophy! Please feel free to share it, as I wrote it hoping that it would help other families in similar situations. Let me know if there's anything else I can contribute. Feel free to email me at theresa[dot]blackstone[at]gmail[dot]com.

  2. Theresa, I'm planning on reading through your experience with Aaron but I did get to watch the video you both made and it brought me back so much to my time at the camp. Aaron is amazing! You're amazing! And, prayers for your daily journey with type 1!

  3. nice information...

  4. My husband has Type 1 Diabetes. We're getting to a point where I have to start cooking diabetes-friendly meals and he REALLY needs to start exercise (something neither of us has any desire to do)... He's a grown man and I find his test strips in the *oddest* places. I'm going to check out your diabetes posts. <3

    For Love of Cupcakes

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