Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Extreme Makeover (Toy Edition)

Two friends of mine recently posted about d.i.y. projects invovling painting an upholstered chair (who knew it could be done?) and an amazing kitchen upgrade (which has left me longing for some new life in my own little kitchen).  

I feel the itch to share a project, even though I haven't project-ed anything lately.  Can you "blag" (that's my new mash-up word for "blog brag") about a d.i.y. project you did a year ago?  It's not like I've been working on this thing recently and readers have been waiting with baited breath the see the big reveal.  It is, however, the one year anniversary of the only kitchen renovation project we've ever done, and is the colaborative project in which my husband and I take the most pride.  Here it is...

Extreme Makeover

Entertainment Center - to - Play Kitchen

Craiglist.  $20.   No pressboard or composite here.  This is a crazy heavy, wooden beast.

Russ and I don't do "handy" so a good friend helped us get this far, thereby making this a not-quite-d.i.y. project.  

But we can paint and pick out hardware!  Here's what we ended up with after many fun nights of secretly working in the basement after the kids went to bed!

We gave our kiddos the kitchen as a present on the morning I was going to the hospital fit to burst with #4.  It was one year ago this evening that we finished it up and hauled it out to the playroom!  (So, it stands to reason that #4's birthday is tomorrow!  Time flies, my friend.  Time flies.)  

(Can't find a recent picture of play kitchen fun time... but one year later the fun times are still going strong.  I love the meals that come out of this kitchen and I rarely have to clean up after I eat!)  

oh, and ps - in case you're thinking of doing a sociology project or something, don't bother - the answer is "girls and boys are different."  Girls cook play food, boys cook play food and then play plumber when the disposal backs up  ;)

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  1. I'm so inspired by this post! We've been shopping around for a cute wooden kitchen (I'm not a fan of the plastic ones) and I've resolved to making it myself. THANKS for including the during pics. That will help a lot!


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