Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Morning Musings

Questions to Mull Over on a Friday Morning...

Is it weird that during his visit, the duct cleaning man asked my husband and I how old we are??  He tried to make it sound like dust from the olden days was more harmful than modern-day dust.  What the...? 

Is it wrong to think this is hysterical?  Am I exploiting my baby girl, using her for warm fuzzy funny feelings?  Is it immature to take advantage of her blissful ignorance regarding this matter...

my collage masterpiece.  I call it "Split Pea Conundrum"
At what point do you start gently correcting the mispronounced words of your children?  Because there are some that I hope go on and on.  For instance, it's just too cute to hear Ruth call a convertible a
"convert-a-burtle."  There's no rush, right?

Does anyone know of any good Civil War movies that are appropriate for children?  (like a Civil War equivelant of Johnny Tremain, for example... though let me just take this opportunity to clarify that the movie of J.T. pales in comparrison to the book.)  

How much wood could a woodchuck...  Oh, never mind.  


  1. #4- If you find one, let me know. My oldest loves the Civil War. We let him watch the Ken Burns series on the Civil War and he loved it. Altough, sometimes the photos are a bit graphic.

    #3- My 4 yr old pronounces "cub scouts" "scub scouts" and it just sounds sooo cute . . . I have no plans on correcting him until he is old enough to join cub scouts :)

  2. Haha! Convertaburtle! I have the same dilemma, and was just wondering about it the other day. My 3 year-old says so many things wrong but I just love it so I don't correct it: I guess I figure she'll get it right eventually, and in the mean time, it's just so stinkin' cute! : )

    (A favorite one that comes to mind is her take on "insulation" -- "imp-a-lation") (we're in the middle of a little living room renovation, can you tell?)


  3. #3- How about a 7 1/2 year old, second grader? My friends oldest child mispronounces words all the time and they think its "cute." Of course, until last year he was also still drinking from a sippy cup along with his 3 yr old sister. Time to correct his mispronunciation of words? I think at his age it's gone from cute to immature.


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