Friday, March 15, 2013

Some Random Randomness

Nothing to write a whole post about, but enough to make a random Friday list...

1.) Whew!  That was a quick conclave!  I had it in my mind that it would last for days, and was consequently taking it kind of slow when discussing it with the kids.  Thankfully, on Tuesday, the first day of the conclave, I finally got it together enough to read a relevant book and we did a smokestack craft project. (got the idea from here!) Pretty quick turn around though!  

Many prayers heading out from this family to our new Holy Father, Pope Francis!  I've loved what I seen and read about him so far, and am excited to see how the Spirit uses him to lead and serve the Church.  

2.)  Modern technology is cool.  Lots of people I know were watching live Pope Francis coverage on the Internet, but I spent my whole week driving around in the van, and was forced to sacrifice that pleasure.  (sniff) We did however, get to see my mom and dad on a live webcam in Dublin!  Those crazy kids stayed out till 10pm to wave to us in front of a pub.  They even called us so we could chat and see them at the same time.  Modern technology.  Very cool.  (Careful though, that particular webcam has audio too - no conversation outside that Dublin pub is private!)  

3.) I was helping Ruth wash her hands today in a public restroom.  I casually glanced up in the mirror and what do you think I saw?  A gray hair.  My first one.  My heart stopped for a second, but overall I think I'm taking it rather well.  It helped that I was out with a friend who has boasted gray since college (?)... high school (?)  So that immediately tamed any pathetic, self-pitying outburst I may have been tempted to make.  And I'm looking on the bright side...  I'm finally on my way to looking this good:

Dear Dame Helen Mirren, you are beautiful and talented.  Thanks for
making it awesome to have gray  hair.  I'm working on it!  love, Theresa
ps: here's how far I've gotten:
see it?
is it weird that I took a picture of my scalp?  

4.) This evening was the Civil War Festival at the Study Center that Aaron attends.  I am not going to get myself into any Internet quagmire by posting pictures or videos of other people's children singing and reciting, so this photo will have to do...
Did they have braces in the 1860's???  Lord knows I love this kid,
but those teeth... :)
The festival was wonderful.  The younger kids sang a variety of songs representative of the North and the South, and of course I got teary eyed when they recited the Gettysburg Address... "for which they gave the last full measure of devotion..." gets me every time.  I was so proud of how hard he worked to learn the songs and the speech.  Good work, kiddo!

5.) It occurred to me on Thursday night that the kids will have eaten lunch in the car (or on the go) every single day this week.  This past week has been the absolute busiest in recent memory.  My memo to myself for next week, is "slow down.  stay home."  We have a few things scheduled that I can't change but it is my goal not to add anything to the calendar - we need to get back on track with lessons and reading aloud and just being together in the home (and actually using our dining room table for a  lunch!)

6.) Last, but not least, another installment of "pile of kids on the big puffy chair"


  1. I have no sympathy for your ONE gray hair. I'm sorry.
    Another going gray since college and not in the pretty Helen Mirren way friend

    p.s. but I feel awful that you missed the Pope!

    1. I hear ya, Mary! I really can't complain!


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