Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Little Advent - Christmas Resource Round Up

Advent starts Sunday!  We sure are getting excited around here!  We even had trial runs of O Come, O Come Emmanuel!  and People Look East! at breakfast this morning!  Friday and Saturday we'll be pulling out the Advent wreath and Jesse Tree and dusting off some of the holiday books!  

I'm not planning on writing much that's Advent-y or Christmas-y this year.  But I did enjoy looking back through some of my past holiday posts and thought I'd stick some of them together here for you.  

I can't wait to get out holiday book basket out!  In this old post, I starred our
favorites.  What are you favorite picture books to share with kids during
Advent and Christmas?

For non-Christmas book ideas, check out my book lists page for lots of other great gift ideas!

Advent and Christmas Classical Music Recommendations
Music that we love that's not Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer or Barenaked Ladies 
singing We Three Kinds (which I'm pretty sure is one of the all time absolute worst 
recordings of a Christmas song.  Of all time.  Ever.  All time.) 

Advent for Adults
My favorite books for my own personal spiritual reading during Advent.
(cause it's not just about kids, you know.)

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids that Are Not Stuff
I love this list, if I do say so myself!  It's refreshing to bless our kids, and to be blessed by others with thoughtful gifts that don't add to our clutter.  
(Cause, boy, do we have enough clutter!)

But if you ARE in the market for some good old fashioned Christmas toys, here are some
that the kids and I heartily recommend!  

Want to help your kids made homemade gifts for family and friends??  Check out our Kids Made Gift series from last year and the Kids Craft Ideas page too!

And don't forget!  There are still many items available in the Ordinary Lovely Etsy Shop for your shopping convenience!

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