Monday, November 16, 2015

Birthday Present Giveaway Winners!!

Thank you so much to all my lovely friends and readers who entered for the birthday giveaway prizes.  I love offering stuff to you, but I get a little sad that I don't have something for everyone.  You'd all get presents if I could!!!

Three lucky ladies got their names drawn from the proverbial hat, and they were all sort of "newish" names to me (people I've "met" within the last year at least) so that was fun!

The winners are....

of the Eggplant Infinity Scarf --- Rakhi McCormick!!

of the Cozy Button Beret --- Torey!!

and of the Grab and Go Reversible Bag --- 4kids1mom!!

Yay!  Congratulations, ladies!

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and thanks especially for being a reader and friend here.  

Winners, please email me your full mailing address, and I'll have these goodies out to you as soon as possible! (theresa[dot]blackstone[at]gmail[dot]com)  

ALSO - opening today on the blog is a mini-shop filled with similar handmade items.  I hope you'll come check it out!  

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