Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My First Granny Square

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Above is Ruth's representation of how I spend my evenings... crocheting by the fireside.  In December I was working on gifts.  In January I was making hats and scarves for myself.  During February I've picked up the blankets I started for the boys last spring.  

And I recently finished my first granny square!

Well not really.  I think I made a small granny square back in college.  I hadn't attempted it since then, but I think it's one of those things that crocheters are "supposed" to do... and I got a hankering to re-learn it...  

I gathered up some of my favorite colors in the Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn.  My practice piece became a blanket for Sally.  

And a lap cover for Clare.  

And a peek-a-boo blanket for James.  

I love how quickly it went.  And I love the colors available in the Wool Ease.  And this is the winter that will never end and even in the house it's so cold all anyone can think about all day long is blankets, blankets, blankets.  So I've started a granny rectangle for use in the living room.   I'll keep you in suspense on that project until another time ;)  


  1. This is the sweetest! Beautiful colors! Such a great job! The blanket has all the feels of lovely and nostalgia <3

  2. How fun that your project is so loved and so lovely.

  3. gorgeous! crocheting is one of those skills that I keep telling myself I would love to try, but it is definitely intimidating. I love seeing your work.


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