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7 Gifts for the Youngest Jane Austen Fans (or perhaps the not-so-young!) :: 7 Quick Takes

I recently watched Death Comes to Pemberly on Netflix and I've been waiting for a while to be notified by the library that Stephanie Baron's latest Jane Austen mystery has come in for me.  (Whoever's got it out right now is taking their sweet old time reading it.)   It got me thinking about how much "Austen stuff" is out there that's not actually by Jane Austen and eventually I turned my attentions to all things Austen for children.  

Have an Austen-loving friend?  Perhaps your Janeite girlfriend is expecting and you've been in torment about what to gift the new baby?  Or have you been hoping to get your own young ones introduced to the classics early on?   

Here are seven gifts that will tickle the fancy of literature lovers everywhere but will win extra special bonus points with parents who are keen on getting their little ones hooked on Austen early on.  Who am I kidding, adults will appreciate these maybe more than kiddos ;)


Cozy Classics, by Jack and Holman Wang
Pride and Prejudice and  Emma

Cozy Classics are really a favorite around here - I love them and so do the kids, so we all win when someone grabs them off the shelf.
(read my C. C. review here)


Baby Lit, by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver
Sense and Sensibility: An Opposites Primer and  

Alison Oliver's illustrations are just the cutest, most whimsical things!  We really enjoy these books as well, though they're less about the stories themselves and instead, tend to use themes/characters/ from the books to "teach" counting, colors, opposites, etc...


Jane Austen Tattoos

You may think that Regency-proper Jane Austen and tattoos don't go together, but I'm not going to lie - these look awesome!  I especially like the Captain Wentworth/anchor design and the bust of Jane in the lower right!


This onesie :)

(from Melissa at Little Literary on Etsy!)

image from


Jane Austen Paper Dolls: Four Classic Characters

Dress up Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Elinor Dashwood, and Edward Ferrars in 
paper-crafted Regency garb!


Jane Austen Inspired Sleep and Play Nightgown
(from Vanessa at KindredHillFarm on Etsy!)

I just love this nightgown so much!

image from

Want to try your hand at making your own Regency style dress for your little girl?
Here's a pattern and tutorial for you to check out :)

 - How to Make a Basic Regency Girl's Dress - 


Pemberley, Longborn, and Netherfield Plushie Set

(again, from Melissa at Little Literary on Etsy!)

A Pemberly pillow?!?  It's as close as I'll ever get :)
Something about these little soft mansions has me going back to Melissa's Etsy shop to take another peek at them!  They're pretty cute!

image from

Have any favorites for young Austen fans that you'd add to the list?

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  1. Love the paper dolls!! We might need those.... :)

  2. Ha! Love it! We have the baby lit Pride and Prejudice; I'll have to look into the cozy classics too. And that onesie! I'm starting to think that is a good description of the one person in my house who it would fit ;-)

  3. So much yes! I love those Cozy Classic books!

  4. These are super fun ideas. And I'm just starting to read Pride and Prejudice, so we'll see if any these find their way into our home! ;)

  5. I just watched Pride and Prejudice with my 6 daughters today. It was so fun to enjoy it with them. I prefer Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility on my own, but Pride and Prejudice is fun to share with others. :)


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