Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Favorite Saint Picture Books (Books. Lists. Love.)

All Saint's Day is a week away!  We have a lovely collection of picture books about many different saints, and I thought I'd share some with you.  Instead of an exhaustive list I decided it might be nice just to mention our favorites :)  We *try* to read our saint books during the month in which the feast days fall, but it doesn't always work out that way.  Lately the kids have just been pulling their favorites off the shelf, and of course when that happens, they usually don't get put back in chronological order :(  

  ** Our Favorite Saint Picture Books **
(feast days in parentheses)

Brigid's Cloak; An Ancient Irish Story, Bryce Milligan  (Feb 1)

Saint Valentine, Robert Sabuda (Feb 14)

Pascual and the Kitchen Angels, Tomie dePaola (May 17)

Joan of Arc, Demi (May 30)

The Blackbird's Nest: Saint Kevin of Ireland, Jenny Schroedel (June 3)

The Man Who Loved Books, Jean Fritz (St. Columba, June 9)

Christopher, the Holy Giant, Tomie dePaola  (no longer considered a canonized saint; July 25)

The Holy Twins: Benedict and Scholastica, Kathleen Noris  (July 11, Feb 10)

The Little Friar Who Flew, Patricia Lee Gauch (St. Joseph Cupertino, (Sept 18)

Good King Wenceslas, John Wallner  (Sept 28)

St. Jerome and the Lion, Margaret Hodges (Sept 30)

Therese: The Little Flower of Lisieux, Sioux Berger (Oct 1)

Clare and Francis, Guido Visconti (Aug 11, Oct 4)

The Pied Piper of Peru, Ann Tompert (St. Martin de Porres, Nov 3)

The Legend of Saint Nicholas, Demi (Dec 6)

The Lady of Guadalupe, Tomie dePaola (Dec 12)  (St. Juan Diego, Dec 9)

(sorry no time to include individual pictures today :(  )

What are some of your favorite books about the saints? 


  1. This is a great list - I will definitely be referring back to it - St Jerome and the Lion is one of our favorites too! We love "Lolek: The Boy Who Became Pope" and all the books from Ignatius Press series "The Life of a Saint" - we have St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Francis of Assisi and St. John Vianney from that series - I highly recommend them!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! We also have the Lolek book - the illustrations are so cute! I just want to hug little Lolek :)
      The Life of a Saint books ARE good! My kids like the ones on St. John Vianney and St. Bernadette.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Ooh have all of these bar three:) Great list, gee have lots more favourites to add, um might see if I can write a post for you:)

    1. Thanks, Erin! I'd love to hear your recommendations. We have many, many more saint books than this, but these are the ones that get read consistently. There are some we have, that even though they're about saints and I want to like them for that reason, they're just not well done :( (in my humble opinion!)

  3. Thanks Theresa- this is a great list! We love (for the older kids) Ignatius Press saint stories too!

    1. You're the second person recently to recommend that series from Ignatius press, so I'll have to check it out! Thanks, Kelly!

  4. I love this collection! We're trying to grow our saint books right now! You listed a lot of our favorites.


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