Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hats for Kenya and a Family Giving Project (and a quick craftiness show and tell)

Last week I wrote about how God sometimes makes it really easy to lend a helping hand, give to a good cause, or give charitably from our own blessings of time, talent, and treasure.   Once in a while charitable giving opportunities fall into our laps and it just makes sense to do them.   I have Gina to thank for introducing us to two such opportunities.  These were no-brainers for us: crocheting hats for We Are Kenya (through Craft Hope) - I'm always crocheting something, so I did the crocheting and the kids were my color and style consultants :) and contributing to the fund for Cameron's diabetic alert dog.  Cameron's cause was an easy one to relate to, since the 8 year old in my own life also happens to have type 1 diabetes.  While my son, Aaron, knows that the chances of us ever getting a dog are very slim to none, we're all rooting for Cameron and his family and hope that they'll some day have a dog that will be Cameron's companion and helper in managing his diabetes.  

We had recorded a little video for Cameron but I can't find it now.  I think my computer ate it.  Because the video had been lost I kept putting off our donation b/c I wanted the circumstances to be perfect.  

Don't wait for perfect.  Just do it.  

Cameron, we think of you and pray for you.  A few weeks ago, Aaron, Dominic, Ruth, and Clare all did extra chores to earn money towards your dog!  They were happy to do it and we'll be looking forward to hearing the news of your new friend!  (and Aaron wanted me to tell you that he liked reading about you and wishes he could take insulin in his stomach like you were in the picture... his doctor won't let him yet and he's a little jealous :)  )    

*   *   *   *   *   *

Here's a quick show and tell of the hats we're sending off to Craft Hope.  

the three beenies are pattern-less - I just did simple half double and double crochet concepts.
the ear flap hat is from this pattern here.  it's a good one.  I use it a lot :)

And here are Ruth, Dominic, and Clare to model them for you...

We'll be praying for the kids who end up with these hats :)   Clare even has a matching flower hat for herself.  It makes my heart smile to know she'll have a matching hat buddy in Kenya! 

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  1. <3 I read this the other day on my phone and finally have time to sit and comment. You are so sweet and I'm so touched that I've inspired you! Those hats are adorable. And that your kids did extra chores to earn money and help Cameron! So awesome.


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