Thursday, October 30, 2014

Grasping at Control by Organizing My Recipe Box

This day started well enough.  Around 11:30 I sent a text to a friend saying that even though we had started school lessons around 10:30 (usually a recipe for disaster) things were going surprisingly well.

Even still around 1:15 I sent a Facebook message to another friend that all was quiet in the house and I was eating a salad in peace.  

Soon after that fateful Facebook mistake, all insanity broke out around here in my mind.  I felt like my head was going to ex-plode from child-care/dinner-making/house-cleaning (my head, and my temper along with it.)

I thankfully held it together, but by the time Russ got home from work (I had already texted him begging him to take tomorrow off... so he already had some idea of how things were going here)  I was hanging by a nerve.  

The rest of the evening was still a struggle.  Right around the kids' bed time I got it into my head that I have to organize my recipe box right now.  I had already planned on doing this some time this week, but at one point this evening it was organize that box or check myself into a mental institute.  

Half way through getting my recipes cleaned up or cleared out, Russ came by with his brow raised quizzically.   


So there.

- before - 

ohh!  Christmas Snack Table menus from previous years stored right up front for reference
and inspiration.  (planning time is approaching, friends!)

I had two recipes for hot cross buns.  Do you know how many times I've made
hot cross buns???  ( zero.)

Besides recipes, loook what else I found in my recipe box - two  unused  pen needles, two used
lancets, and a bloody test strip.  (Aaron's Diabetes Command Center and my recipe box
share a corner kitchen counter space...)

look at all the recipes I got rid of!!  I only saved ones that I actually use.  If I found a
recipe for something that I've never made before but I might want to make it for a
future Easter brunch, I threw it out.  That's what Pinterest is for, people.

- after -
I'm still feeling a little unstable but at least my project is done... and Russ got all the kids in bed!  Isn't he the best?!  


  1. I GET this, I really do! The only thing you can have control over! Yep! I realise that's a part of why I like to change my blog/websites every so often, I clean them, they stay clean. {{{}}}

  2. So true! Why does it always seem like this completely trivial, non essential thing MUST BE DONE NOW? Your husband is a gem. And I am super impressed with your end result. Mine are in binders, but I like the instant accessibility of the container. Well done.

  3. ugh, why do i feel like this is most days of my life?! however, the only thing i feel like i have control over is cleaning the house which, as you might imagine with 7 kids, never stays clean for long. so its really not much control at all but i busy myself all day long trying to fight that never-ending battle...and consequently lose my temper over it multiple times a day. when will i ever learn? my guess is either when we have kids in the double digits or i have a nervous breakdown. which will come first? and...i think your christmas snack table is really cool. i might need to look up that post and see if i can do something fun like that for christmas!

  4. FOUND IT!

    yay! mmm, and yummy!

  5. Ha, so so true. I go into crazy clean and organize mode when I'm feeling out of control. And I actually like it...the house gets cleaner and I feel better. This reminds me, though, I need to email you about that cake recipe :)

  6. hehe, I think I have used/saved one of those hot cross buns recipes. I have purged my recipes so many times...I know what the feels like.


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