Monday, May 20, 2013

Theme Thursday: Animals

Stop... you don't have to tell me.  I know it's not Thursday.  But I checked, and Cari keeps things open for a couple days for lazy bones like me!  

Up until a couple years ago, I was among those of my father's offspring who would tease him for taking nature pictures - especially flowers, insects, and far-off birds.  But I've got to admit, something about having my own children has flipped a switch in me... I am uncontrollably compelled to photograph nature.  We actually based half our science this past year on critters we spotted in our neighborhood and in the local wildlife preserves - photos were a must for their science binders.  I was happy to oblige.  

I am submitting my two favorite insect photographs of the past year and my favorite local-zoo-resident photograph.  Photograph number 2 may not be suitable for children - it never made it to our science binders - not because it's moderately awkward that I captured this intimate moment or because I didn't really want to have to explain it. It was truly because, "insect mating" was nowhere to be found on the Science Standards for First Grade.  ;)  

Thanks for hosting Theme Thursday, Cari.  And thanks for allowing me to pretend it's Theme Monday.  

PS - I love you, Dad!  Thanks for sharing your photos with us... the waxwing birds, in recent memory!  

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