Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Holy Card Pocket Book

This morning Ruth asked me if she could take her holy cards outside.  

"Just a moment, sweetie.  I have to think about it."  Do I stick to my policy of there are some things that we just don't take outside because there are gaps in the deck and stuff could be lost forever down those cracks of despair??  Or do I jubilantly exclaim "Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus" because my daughter wants to play with holy cards above all other things this morning??  

I went with the later.  And she got to play with them a nice long time while I took pictures for a blogging show-and-tell of craftiness.

I made this cloth book last year for Ruth's holy cards, thinking it would be a perfect addition to the kids "Mass Bag" we bring to church on Sundays.  (It turns out it wasn't because holy cards still ended up in places you don't wanna be crawling around, even after Mass is over.) Ruth enjoys perusing her card collection, naming the saints as she pulls them out, and deciding which saints will go back into a pocket together.  She likes to keep her cards near her bed or under her pillow and I like to keep cards together and not scattered about all over the house - so this was a sewing project that made both of us happy! (which isn't always the case.) 


  1. Do you sell these?? What an awesome idea!!

    1. Thanks, Becky! I'd lke to try to make a similar book using a different/easier system (but still get a cute outcome). I love how this book turned out, but it was such a pain I haven't made one since!

    2. Well if you ever do a simple version, I would totally buy some fr my girls! So adorable!
      Ps- your post on homeschooling was awesome! I'm very encouraged by it and feel more confident in homeschooling. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  2. beautiful!! Sweet Ruthie! xox


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