Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring is So Distracting...

... because it's road construction season.  The distraction factor is at an all-time high - the street in front of our very home (which also happens to be our school) is the object of said roadwork.   

We didn't get many lessons done yesterday or today.  My kids have been a little distracted.  In all fairness though, I admit it's by design.  One of the reasons we home school is so that we don't ever have to miss a garbage day, or recycling pickup, or neighborhood construction event, or any possible big machine that may be passing by.  (You do remember that we will wake our boys up in the middle of the night just to see a truck, right?)

So, here are some photos of the distraction.  I'd say my kids are the luckiest kids on the block, but... they're the only kids on the block.  

In case your're interested, you (or the men and boys in your life) can learn about the CAT PM 201 cold Planer here.

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