Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pretty Pictures, Signs of Spring

Spring is really and truly finally here.  I know so because the retail stores are already having their Back To School Fall Sales.  Ugh.  Stores.  Can't you just let us relish the season we're in???

Spring is a fleeting couple of precious weeks in our neck of the woods - a short, yet deeply appreciated season that falls in between Snow and Humidity.  Today, I'm grateful for the lovely signs of Spring that are everywhere.  (the real signs, not the "Fall Stockup SALE Here!" signs!) We're throwing open the windows, celebrating the seasonal "firsts" (first tulips, first bubbles and chalk, first lawn-mowing, first iced coffee) and we're eating outside a lot - before all the flies hatch (or metamorphosize????) and bees buzz. 

Happy Spring!

My hair was styled by Ruth; photo by Ruth

I must admit, that amidst all this Springy-loveliness, there is one sign of Spring that is cause for great sadness... it is my nearly vacant freezer.  Tonight we ate the last frozen meal (Winter Veggie Bisque from November, no less!) and now I have to make the transition from living a life of comfort and ease (well, at least as far as dinner is concerned) back to the reality of planning and executing a dinner every. single. night.  It's a difficult transition (but as far as I can see, it's been the only downside to my Winter Meal Plan each year.)  

You may recall this picture from the December post My Beautiful Wonderful Freezer...

Well, here's a photo from this afternoon...

and yet, keeping things on the bright side - berry season is just around the corner!!
lots of space here for jam, jam, and more jam!  

the last meal.
While it's not really appropriate for hot summer evenings, this soup is AMAZING, and if you haven't already,
check out the post I linked to above and get this recipe in your Fall and Winter dinner rotation!


  1. Love your spring pictures, Theresa! I laughed at the short season of spring between "snow and humidity." :)

  2. Yay spring is finally here! Glad you're all enjoying it! I'm pretty sure that is probably the very same copy of Brede that I borrowed from the library :) So sad about your empty freezer... I need some inspiration for crockpot and freezer meals for summer as well. It seems most crockpot recipes are wintery but the times we are out of the house most and could use them a lot is when it is so beautiful out!

    1. perhaps we could have a summer recipe swap... I never know what to make all summer long. It's like I can't keep track of whatever meals I made last summer and every time warm weather rolls around I have to re-invent the wheel...


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