Saturday, September 13, 2014

Embrace the Ordinary (vol 9)

Yesterday I noticed James had some food in his hair.  A thought popped into my head - just put him in the tub.  And then my eyes opened wide and I sat up straight.  I can't put him in the tub yet!  He's only had one bath in the sink! 

One bath.  A seven and a half month old baby.  One bath.  I occasionally wipe him down with a warm washcloth or wash his hair, but baths for the little guy just haven't been a priority like they were for my first couple of children.  

I've become a fairly non-sentimental slacker when it comes to iconic baby photo ops. But every baby should have a sink bath at least a couple times in his life and the pictures that go with it, right?   Even though James is sitting and sturdy, I felt like I needed to squeeze one more "infant" bath in before I moved him to the tub...  

Done.  He's definitely graduated.  Too big, too inquisitive, too active and splashy.  And he's outgrown the hooded baby towels.  Next time, (in another seven months, perhaps?)  he'll be in the bathtub :)

"...there is something holy, something divine hidden in the most ordinary
situations, and it is up to each on of you to discover it."
Passionately Loving the World, St. Josemaria Escriva

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  1. So cute!!!!! We haven't done many sink baths, actually, for any of our crew...but at this point the big kids love to help with baby baths. And hooded towels are good for kids until they're at least 10, right?! Mine all still have some, but for some reason, my 2nd child keeps ripping hers. I have no idea what that is about.

    1. We have a few larger hooded towels that the kids all fight over. No rips yet though, so maybe I'll just send 'em your way :)

  2. Lulu has had maybe four baths? And she's ten months. So, ya know, we're only ALMOST twice as hygienic as you guys.

    1. Yes! A cross-country baby hygiene throw-down! I love it!
      (I've secretly had plans for James and Lulu to be a couple one day, so I should start working on his cleanliness if he hopes to woo a lady twice as clean as him ;) )

  3. haha, well this is good to know that i am indeed crazy! i wash my kiddos everyday...and that used to include the babies. but i have only been getting around to giving daniel a bath once a week (cuz he's 4 months and all) and i was feeling kinda guilty. lori told me i was crazy as she had only given katherine a bath a few times and she's a year old. even mary turned the skeptical eye at my daily bath regime. but this post confirms it for me. i'am both obsessive compulsive with washing...and at the same time, maybe shouldn't feel bad that danny boy is getting the short end of that ocd stick ;)


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