Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 Apple Books Tasty Enough to Eat* (Books. Lists. Love.)

note: rumor has it that the picture links in this post may not work in all browsers...  ugh.  I will fix them as soon as I can.  Sorry :(

* not really.  I just said that because it sounded catchier than just "10 Apple Books," and I have to do everything I can think  of to get to be a big-time blogger in a short amount of time so that they pay me to attend Edel, 2015 ;)   In real life, that is life outside of blogging, I do not recommend eating books (unless you have a little cinnamon-sugar to sprinkle on...)  (Come to think of it, if I was really interested in going to Edel, I think I might also have to morph into an extrovert in a short amount of time, so I think I'll just plan to stay home and eat cinnamon-sugar-coated things in peace and introversion :)  )


So, are you going apple picking this weekend?   I'm not.  We have a week to go before Empires are ready around here.  Empires and Crispins are my apples of choice.  And when you live in Western New York, believe me, you have choices when it comes to local apples.  

Apple picking is a kick-off-to-Fall activity for us, and we typically raid the j SB 363 shelves of the public library in the weeks before.  (Sorry, can't help you if you're still a Dewey Decimal gal...)  We don't ignore the applicious picture books either.  

Here are some of the books we've found to be the best pre-apple-picking pep rally material...  

Apples, Gail Gibbons

like all great Gibbons books -  lots of information in easy to understand text and illstrations

Fall Apples, Martha E. H. Rustad

not my very favorite book, but I actually learned a few new things from it... like an apple seed does not determine the variety that will grow.   Only a graft can do that!  Now you know :)

How Do Apples Grow?,  Betsy Maestro

We're Betsy Maestro fans.  She never disappoints.  


Johnny Appleseed, Steven Kellog

We're also Steven Kellog fans.  His illustrations and re-tellings of American tall tales are a riot :)

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, Marjorie Priceman

a classic that is probably on every other "Apple Book List"

The Apple Pie Tree, Zoe Hall

very Lois-Ehlert-esque

Apple Valley Year, Ann Turner

I love this book.  It follows the Clark family as they care for their apple orchard throughout the year, from winter pruning to counting the cash after the fall apple sales.  It has horse-drawn sleds, bee hives, foxes, and new leather shoes.  It's perfect.

Apple Cider Making Days, Ann Purmell

This is a pretty in depth look at cider making on a (not your little hand-cranked cider press)   You can almost smell the apple mush :)

Apple Picking Time, Michelle Benoit Slawson

The story of Anna and her neighbors who all participate in the annual apple harvest.  A lovely account at a full day of agricultural labor involving a whole village.

Applesauce Season, Eden Ross Lipson 

We all especially love this one because homemade apple sauce is a major reason we go apple piking a couple times each fall :)

(the pics are Amazon affiliate links - I've never tried this with the pictures before, so let me know if it doesn't work, and if it does, buy an apple book and enjoy!)


  1. Sadly book pics aren't working:(

  2. These look great. Wish we could go apple-picking with you! There is actually an orchard out here (though an hour away) that is similar to apple picking back East. I miss those days!


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