Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Joseph, Pray for Us!

Joseph, strengthen in our family
every bond of love which unites us --
the marriage bond,
the love of parent and child,
the bonds of mutual love between all.
Joseph, protect our family
from every danger from without
and from every threat
to peace, unity and harmony within.
Joseph, teach us to be
kind and loving towards one another,
careful for one another,
tolerant of one another,
forgiving towards one another.
Joseph, may contentment with our lot
and joy in each other
abound in our house,
as we seek faithfully to serve
and greatly to love God.
Joseph, be you yourself
  a father towards the family of ours,
    and pray Mary be a mother to us.   
                                                                                     (Brian Moore, S.J.)

I kind of missed St. Patrick's Day (threw me for a loop being on a Sunday) so I made sure we didn't pass over Good St. Joseph.  He deserves a little attention, no?

  Our family celebration this evening...  
(you can tell it was a really big deal because I used a table cloth... last time that happened, I think JPII was still Pope...)

Cookie tools of St. Joseph, everyone's favorite :)

 We prayed a litany of St. Joseph while eating dessert -
perhaps not the most reverent option, but we sure
had a totally captive audience.  

Thanks, Russ, for picking up the lilies (that I forgot) on your way home!
Here for your viewing pleasure - St. Joseph's sfinge, a traditional Italian dessert served on St. Joseph's Day.
I love them, my kids don't.  More for me and Russ and other friends I hung out with tonight!
 They are pretty looking, aren't they?
***  PRIZE ALERT *** You will win a prize of great honor (recognition by name, if desired, here in this post)
if you can tell me WHY these are a traditional dessert for the Feast of St. Joseph.
Because I just keep on making them, even though I have no idea why.

Happy Feast of St. Joseph.
God bless all you fathers!

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  1. Your St. Joseph cookies are so cute! I made cream puffs from scratch for the first time this year and my kids liked them, but they were just cream and puff. Yours look pretty fancy (and yummy).


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