Friday, December 19, 2014

Button Flower Wall Hanging (Kid-Made Gift Series)

Have you and your kids been making lots of gifts this holiday seasons?  We have.  I'm a little crafted out, to tell you the truth.  So it's a good thing this is the final post in the kid-made gift series :)

Today's project is brought to you courtesy of Ruth, who made two of these lovely wall hangings this morning!

What you'll need:

embroidery hoop
 large piece of craft felt or other fabric
scraps of colored craft felt
needle, craft thread

Set up embroidery hoop with background felt or fabric.
Cut flower and leaf shapes from colored craft felt

Sew the buttons on, randomly spaced and placed.

Ruth used nine buttons on a 6 inch hoop.

Fold the flowers in half and make a small snip in the middle.

Fold the bottoms of the leaves and snip. 

"Button" three leaves onto the project.

Then add the flowers.

And... she's done!!  It's so colorful and cheery!!  I just think she did such a great job!

Trim the edges and add a ribbon to hang.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I hope you've enjoyed this kid-made gift series!  I loved writing it and was so grateful to the other lovely bloggers who contributed also!
I love encouraging my children to make gifts for family and friends, to teach them new handicrafts and skills, and to encourage sharing their talents with others while emphasizing generosity during the Christmas season! 
Thanks for joining me for this series.  Maybe I'll plan on another one next November/December :)

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  1. YOU'RE crafted out! I think I saw a pig just fly by;)

  2. i *think* i might try your washi tape craft for gifts for the relatives. where do you buy the tape from theresa?

    1. here's the part where I admit that I've never actually bought any myself...
      My mom is our tape supplier :)
      But I think you can get it a lot of places - craft stores in the scrap book section, Target with the office supplies, Big Lots sometimes, Office Max...
      Hope you can find some!

  3. Now I need to have a girl next :-D Loved these series, Theresa.
    Happy holidays!


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