Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Washi Tape Vase and Tea Light Holder (Kid-Made Gifts Series)

This craft is another simple one that hardly needs any instructions.  Pictures will suffice! (And I'm pretty sure you know what it's all about even before seeing the pictures :)  )  Simple crafts like this are wonderful for toddlers - they can complete it almost entirely on their own, and in the end they've made something beautiful and useful. 

tips: The girls used large salsa jars for their "vases" and baby food jars for the tea light holders.  I pre-ripped pieces of washi tape for my two-year-old, and my preschooler was pretty much on her own.  It worked.  

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other kid-made gifts in this series:

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I'm posting a different craft idea every week, so don't forget to check back for more...


  1. You had me at washi tape -- you KNOW you did!!:)
    I love this craft, Theresa! What a great idea. I think my kids would really enjoy making these:)

    1. Check the O.L. facebook page. My sister called it even before you did!!
      (btw - when is the next washi-tape lovers anonymous night at your place? Want to change it up and do it here? Not trying to take over, just spread the hosting "responsibilities"...)

  2. Oh Theresa this is awesome! Pretty sure I will be ordering some washitape for the boys to decorate jars from now till Christmas for grandparents. Thank you!


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