Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Back to School" Photo Shoot

You know we've been hittin' the school books for several weeks now, but the boys started back at their homeschool study center today, so it was the closest things they'll get to a "Back to School" day.  I tried to make it as classic and iconic as possible - hair cuts and scrub-behind-your-ears showers last night and photos with their backpacks this morning.    

I really appreciate the educational combo that we've got going here - lessons at home and additional tutoring with other homeschoolers in a practically perfect scenario - a Christian environment, lovely families, tutors, and administrators, solid academics, and it's just a few hours a week.  I love that we're still home most of the week and get to create our own schedule and pace, and I love that the boys are involved in something worthwhile and engaging outside of the home.  They have exposure to things that I could never manage at home right now (like, I heard they may make candles next week??) And I got to do a quick grocery shop with my two sweet girls this morning, instead of tackling the grocery aisles with a gaggle of children hanging off my cart.  I'd say it's a win / win!

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  1. The boys look adorable....and Clare looks happy with the grapes too!! Have a fantastic year! You are truly amazing!! Love to all. Aunt Claire


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