Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day Family Hike

A (mostly) pictorial account of our early morning hike on Labor Day... My parents joined us for a hike to the Eternal Flame, Chestnut Ridge State Park. (And I'm just getting around the posting about it now...) Beautiful weather, delightful company, a walk in the woods, a unique natural gas "leak" tucked away behind a waterfall - it was the perfect way to spend the holiday!

I'm so irritated that my camera focused on the foreground and not the background, but I still like this shot.
Sometimes the waterfall is much more water-full. It was just kind of drippy when we were there.
Ruth realizes her ultimate goal.   Early in the hike, my mom had encouraged Ruth to look for little critters as we walked.  Ruth's reply was, "No, Grandma.  This is not an animal finding hike.  This is a flame hike."  So there you have it.
Clare didn't care that this was such a fascinating natural phenomenon and just wanted to splash in puddles and eat raisins.

trying to catch a minnow before we had to leave.  It didn't work.


  1. So fun! We'll have to get back there this year, too. Such a perfect size hike for little people!

  2. Looks like an incredible day! LOVE "following" your family adventures :-)


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