Friday, August 23, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (Random Edition)

Seven Quick Takes

(in which I reveal how random and disjointed are my thoughts...
but it IS Friday, so what did you expect?!)


Who came up with the spelling for Worcestershire sauce??? Seriously, WHO?  Was that really necessary??  I think about this every six months when it comes time to put it on my grocery list...  (but it is oh so delicious!)


The fact that I usually have no idea what my children are doing outside for hours at a time is simultaneously a case for pride, guilt, and fear.


I'm thinking of starting a study which will determine if large amounts of peanut butter chocolate pie can have a positive affect on pregnancy headaches.  I will be the test group.  I have not found anyone willing to be the control group...

it's all Mary's fault for pinning this a couple weeks ago!


If peanut butter pie isn't your thing... how about these little Chobani Greek yogurt Bites?  These things have been one of my favorite snacks this summer.  It's like a dessert, but I call it lunch.
They even recently added a mint chocolate flavor, which I was first skeptical about, but now I realize that it is kind of like eating mint chocolate chip ice cream in the middle of day (except it's yogurt.)


I knew when I became a mom I'd have to put up with some rather unpleasant things - obvious stuff like messy diapers and kid vomit (the kind doesn't make it into a toilet or pail) had crossed my mind.  But some stuff is so gross it still takes me by surprise.  Like the diaper of a toddler a few hours after blueberry picking.  No one should ever have to change one of those.  Or how about little bits of gross nature that your kids think are fascinating and really want you to take a picture of, even though there's a very good change you might vomit on the sidewalk with nary a toilet or pail in sight.  Here's an example of what we've been scouring the neighborhood for on morning walks...
WHY is Ruth smiling at this???

Oh. my. gag...  Sorry I even put this on here.  But really, I'm subjected to it... you may not claim an exception ;)


The boys don't play enough games on the iPad to necessitate an entire post on games... but the two they do play I think are worth mentioning.  (aren't Quick Takes convenient?  Jen's a genius.) 

Game boys like #1 - Rush Hour

The player is presented with a board of cars and trucks (apparently in a rush hour traffic jam) which you have to move in as few moves as possible to get your red car out of the vehicular jumble.  We have the actual physical version of this game, which the kids play as well(and I also recommend), but the app comes with tons more puzzle cards per level.  I'm a huge fan of games like this - you know, the kinds that require kids to think, strategize, plot and plan.  AND it can be played independently, so it's perfect for afternoon quiet time.  I'm always interested in expanding our collection of this type of stuff, so I'll take your recommendations of similar items very seriously.  

Game boys like #2 - Trains, Boats, & Cars (kids version)

This is another spacial planning/strategy game in which the player has to lay track, road, or waterways for the various modes of transportation.  They have to intersect at appropriate places so the vehicles don't crash, and you also get to pick up coins along the way to use toward "clues" as the levels get harder.
My only complaint about this game is that both the boys finished every level, so even though the recommended age was 4 - 12, I don't think they boys were challenged too much even as the difficulty supposedly progressed.  I still haven't checked out the version for  older players, but because they enjoyed this one so much, I may consider it for the cold winter months!


I've been reading Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child (Anthony Esolen) - along with a great group of ladies, which makes for stimulating adult conversation - oh so highly prized among stay at home moms.  Anyways... I leave you with this thought to ponder:

...boys simply will not develop their characters if everything is always kept perfectly safe for them...

How refreshing, to be assured that allowing for investigation, exploration, initiation, and wacky inventions (usually involving rusty nails, fraying ropes, and an entire roll of scotch tape) despite the hazards that all conscientious moms are keenly aware of, is actually part of character development.  I always thought it was just a convenient way to get some quiet time to myself ;)

* * and there ends the randomness * * 
Until next time, friends.

P.S. Thanks, Genius Jen, for hosting... and in fact for making it super cool to fill an entire blog post with random disjointed thoughts ;)  Click on over to Conversion Diary for a dizzying array of 7 Quick Takes!


  1. Theresa
    I think Worcestershire is named after a shire in England, I should google check that I know.

    Regards no 1- well really you've clarified it all by no 7 :) Oh though do recommend you read a fantastic book called The Last Child in the Woods, all about how children need lots of play outdoors.

  2. Haha, you're still thinking about that pie! I was going to make it this weekend but THEN I realized we are out of the good Trader Joe's peanut butter!!! It's quite tragic, really. Not sure what the plan will be now!

    1. Wegmans organic peanut butter? I have nothing to compare it to, but we like it. (or perhaps the plan should be a birthday trip to Rochester TJ's?!) I feel very strongly about this pie happening for you ;)

  3. Pop the Chobani in the freezer for a few minutes...YUMMY!

  4. I know that feeling of number 2 and thought the same thing as number 7! Thanks for the game tips I'll have to check them out!


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