Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes (including 3 Things!)

7 Quick Takes (including 3 Things to Love about Catholicism)
(thanks to Jen and Micaela for inviting us linkers!)

"Spring Break" 2013 ROCKED!
Today's the last day of our "Spring Break."  I got to SLEEP IN every day this week (thanks, Babe!)  And although we did squeeze in a few lessons every day - we mostly laid low and had at-home fun.  Lots of Legos, puzzles, catching up on Art and Music, and even outside fun in the sun.  It was just what I had hoped for after the cRaZy BuSy month of March we had. 

Some of how we spent our Spring Break: 
(we're saving the wild parties and bikini beaches until next year... when they're a little older)  ;)  

My husband and I are going out tonight!  Usually our dates are a quick dinner somewhere and then Target (or other errands that are easier to get done without the kiddos.  A little lame, but it's efficient and at least we're together!)  But tonight is a date date.  Dinner and a show.  Well, it's a stand up comedian.  
I've been stressing over whether or not I would order an adult beverage at dinner - would it loosen me up to enjoy the act more, or would it put me to sleep?  The second is probably more likely, since the show does start practically after my bedtime.  To avoid all confusion about tonight's adult beverage consumption, I just had a beer at nap time and am set :)

I thought the Shackleton Craze of March 2013 was over, but apparently not.  Aaron came over to me the other day and said, "Mom.  Look.  I'm the stowaway with Mrs. Chippy."  Kids. I love it when they learn stuff.

Reason to Love Catholicism No. 1...
The Mass
is the Mass is the Mass is the Mass.  No matter where you go.
I don't travel much anymore.  But when I did, and when I do again, I didn't (and I won't) have to search for the local version of my hometown church; I don't have to find a place that most closely fits my usual brand of Christianity for Sunday worship.  When I go to Mass across the street or in another hemisphere, it is the same.  It is the same Faith, the same Creed, the same prayers and responses, the same Sacrament, the same communal Body of Christ, and the same transubstantiated (is that a real form of the word?) Body and Blood of Christ everywhere the Mass is offered.   Wow.  It is comforting and awe-inspiring at the same time.

My point in pictures:

Haiti and India seem worlds away from where I am... but I know what these people are doing and I know what they believe.  I could feel fairly comfortable here!  

Reason to Love Catholicism No. 2...
Likewise inspiring awe and offering comfort is the Church's longevity.  I hadn't thought about this much until recently when I was reading Dion: The Wanderer Talks Truth (a book that I'll write about another time.) While "trying out" different faiths, Dion DiMucci and his wife walked into a evangelical store-front church (no doubt called something like the Second Reformed Church of the Third Old Order of Traditional Modern Day First Reformers!) and she said dryly, "I wonder where this place will be in 2000 years."  Forever a fan of sarcasm, I loved her not-so-subtle nod to the Catholic Church.  It made me think more seriously about what a blessing it is to have a Church that has weathered the "best of times and the worst of times." 
 (I tried to get a picture to prove my point that the Church will be around to weather the challenges of the future, but I didn't get any Google Image results for "Catholic Mass on the Moon."  Shoot.)

Reason to Love Catholicism No 3...
The Communion of Saints
Yet even more awesomeness and comfort.  
Read it straight from the Catechism:
955 "So it is that the union of the wayfarers with the brethren who sleep in the peace of Christ is in no way interrupted, but on the contrary, according to the constant faith of the Church, this union is reinforced by an exchange of spiritual goods."
962 "We believe in the communion of all the faithful of Christ, those who are pilgrims on earth, the dead who are being purified, and the blessed in heaven, all together forming one Church; and we believe that in this communion, the merciful love of God and his saints is always [attentive] to our prayers" 
and from the Bible:
"Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us."
How grateful I am to have the prayers and encouragement of the saints.  What an honor to pray for those who are close to obtaining heaven, though still undergoing purification.  And what a joyful responsibility we have to pray for each other - "pilgrims" and "wayfarers."  
Man, I hope I'm doing this prayer and pilgrimage thing right because I really want to make it to other side :) 

Don't forget to check out the links up top to read more Quick Takes and Reasons to Love the Faith!


  1. Catholic Church on the Moon! HA! Love it.

    These are beautiful reasons. I'm in the Philippines with my family right now and we'll be going to Mass in Tagalog tomorrow. I know not a single word, it I do know that the readings and celebrations will be the same here as at home.

    2: yes!! Old things are not always bad things! Thank goodness our a brunch has been around for so long.

    3. I just really love this too. In fact, the other day I was lamenting that I never got to meet JPII and then I thought, "Oh wow. I could ask him to intercede for me." And you know what? I got that tingly I'm-about-to-meet-a-celebrity feeling. Isn't that funny?

    Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you back next month. :)

  2. Theresa,
    Very inspiring post! The universality of the Church is a beautiful thing, as you so aptly noted. I love your posting on the Communion of Saints as well. You always have such great food for thought.

    Happy belated anniversary....

    Lisa P.

  3. Super reasons to love the Church! Our Bride of Christ is a beauty, isn't she?


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