Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Got Baby Sloth!

Did you ever win an ebay bid, or cash in your stock at the best time, or wait for a sale + coupon and get a really great deal???  And then you want to shout it from the rooftops, right?  Oh.  Maybe that's just me.  

Well, I got a bargain and it's announcement time!!  I got Baby Sloth!!!!!!!!!!!  What, you don't know what that is?  

... For his fourth birthday last year, my son Dominic received this book...  (thanks good friends, you know who you are!)  Baby Grizzly:  
We all love this book.  (It inspired the family-wide grizzly bear study of 2011!)  The photographs are fabulous and the text is written for children, but is not childish.  A lot of information is packed into this story of three bear cubs during their first year of life.  

Aubrey Lang and Wayne Lynch are the prestigious naturalists that wrote this book (though I confess I hadn't heard of them until we started reading Baby Grizzly.).  They are a husband (photographer) and wife (author) team who among others things, have published the entire Nature Babies series, of which Baby Grizzly is a part.  These books are not available through our local library, but the quality of the one we have is so fabulous, (educational and enjoyable!) I've wanted to get more from the series.  Nearly all of the books are available through Amazon (and the paperbacks are part of their 4-for-3 deal!)  The books all sit on my "books-for-the-kids" Amazon Wish List, but I've never bought any (still hoping the library will wise up)... UNTIL TODAY!!

All of the Nature Babies paperback editions are listed for between $6 - $8.  EXCEPT Baby Sloth...  it was listed for $680... used.  So I got curious and started searching all over the planet for this book and that was it... used copies available for $500+.  I'd check back on Amazon every couple of days, no change.  Then one day, it was $450.   Then a couple days later it was $168 - I quickly emailed my husband at work with the news because by that time it had become  little  joke.  I checked back a few days ago and it was $50.  Then this morning it was $8.50 and I bought it!  (Still a little steep for a used book, but there clearly is a world-wide shortage of this out-of-print work.  I had to snag it before everyone else realizes they need a copy and there is a run on the bank used book industry.)  
While I'm fairly certain that no one out there really cares about my bargain book score, I hope you will take my recommendation of this series seriously. I am very picky about books I buy for my kids, and I give Nature Babies two thumbs way up!  (And hey, maybe you'll get lucky and the price for Baby Sloth will keep dropping.  That seems to be the trend!)  

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