Saturday, February 23, 2013

Birthday Girl - She Makes Turning Three Look Easy!

Three years ago, the doctors said, "It's a girl!  And she has brown hair!"  We named her Ruth Elaine.  And that was the beginning of our life with daughters!  It's been three years of delight and we got to celebrate Ruth's birthday yesterday!

She's got a rough-time-of-year birthday, though.  Last year, her birthday fell on Ash Wednesday.  This year it was a Lenten Friday.  So of course my dilemma was what meat-free meal can I make that the birthday girl would love??  The kids and I brainstormed on the way to the grocery store, and when I said, "ravioli?"  the back of the van erupted in cheers!  So here was the final birthday menu for last night:

bread and butter
cheese ravioli, sauce
roasted cauliflower w/ Parmesan
glazed carrots
strawberry lemonade

(the highlighted portions were the kids' favorite parts of the menu!)

We are so blessed to live near my parents. Since they weren't available to celebrate with us last night, we were forced to schedule another birthday celebration for this evening.  Man, it's a rough life.  I briefly thought about making two cakes, one for last night and one for today.  Luckily, I came to my senses.  So tonight we will have the traditional birthday cake and last night... can you stand the suspense... we had the not-so-traditional pan of chocolate popcorn.  WoW!  If you haven't made this stuff, well.... just make it.  It was delicious!  And it turned out to be a very festive alternative to cake!

quick recipe:  melt white chocolate discs, pour over  plain air popped popcorn,
stir to coat, spread out on wax paper, add sprinkles and additional melted dark chocolate.
allow to harden before eating (we used the fridge to speed things up)
it's delicious.  your welcome.  

Although I was having a frustrating night with the camera, I managed to take some pictures.  So, as you can see - turning three IS all it's cracked up to be! 

 an OLIVIA shirt!!  

book, "The Littlest Matryoshka" and a fluffy meerkat

her brothers got Ruth some Schleich meerkats and (with some help) made a Kalahari Desert habitat out
of a cardboard box.
The boys loved planning the surprise.  Ruth loves meerkats.  I love these kids!!  
blanket from Great Grandma!

quilt and pillow from mom!  (hopefully I'll write some other time about this sewing project.)

Happy Birthday, Ruthie!

And one final picture... because there's nothing sweeter than snuggly sisters in matchy sweaters...


  1. Oh my goodness, the pic of her opening the gift!! Priceless! Happy birthday, Ruth!

  2. I seriously think Ruth is one of the cutest, most adorable children that has ever existed!!! So sweet. Happy birthday, Ruth!!:)

    1. aw, thanks Heather! We think so too! (except when she starts to whine...)


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