Friday, January 11, 2013

a proud mom moment

Confession:  Sometimes I forget that we (my husband and I) home school for the kids' sake.  Sometimes, I think it's all about me.  Isn't that terrible????  Even as I write it, I can't believe how crazy and disordered it is...  But I forget, sometimes.  And I start thinking that homeschooling is about me accomplishing things - all the lessons I've planned and how well I've executed them.  I think it's about the good books I've gotten and activities I've organized and... brace yourselves... sometimes I even attribute the success of my children to... me.  

Then, I fail miserably at something, or everything doesn't go according to plan (for like, a whole month.)  And  my eyes are opened, my heart is softened, and I remember... it's ok, because this is not all about me.  God is the Lord of our home education, and He's doing something with this despite my weaknesses and mistakes.  He forgives my pride and reminds me, "Do this for My glory and for their good.  Be happy and holy in your home school!"

Today, my oldest son, without dawdling or complaining, read an entire book before the kitchen timer went off (a necessity to keep his perfected art of wasting time in check).   He was beaming!  I was practically jumping up and down!  His little sister, who was listening at the doorway, said, "That was a nice story!"  And I thought, he did so well!    He has really worked so hard this past year.  He is getting it.  My  His hard work is paying off.  It's not all about me.

My five-year-old son shocked the heck out of me when he remembered (after the 10-day Christmas break) how to read three-digit numbers.  One high five wasn't even sufficient!  We went for 5 - 10 -15 - 20 - 25, etc... (my trick for teaching skip counting by fives since they were babies facing me in the shopping cart seats!)  And today he completed his third book in his reading program.  THIS from the kid who couldn't identify all 26 letters back in September.  He's trying so hard!  I've He's done an AMAZING job!!  He's a READER!!! 

I am so humbled by their efforts.  I don't think my children comprehend it, but their dedication and perseverance in their studies gives glory to God in our home.  (I don't think they get this because they look at my kind of cross-eyed and say, "huh?" when I try to talk about it...)  They are glorifying God in their phonics and handwriting and art and all of it!  I am so happy and humbled to be a part of it.  

I don't give my children enough credit.  Too often, I pat myself on the back for the good things I see in them.  Too often I congratulate myself when they accomplish something worthwhile - especially where their education is concerned.  Obviously, I direct their school lessons, correct their work, encourage, enthuse and excite.  And obviously, I occasionally have to insist they complete their work, complete it well and complete it, uh... completely.  But I must not forget that they earn their successes.  They have achieved because they have persevered.  They have put in as much effort as, or more than, I have in this home school thing.  They're doing AMAZING.  And I am so proud of them.  

I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach my children at home.  I'm so relieved that we wake every morning with the renewed hope and promise of a happy and holy school day and I truly pray that we will not neglect any opportunity to glorify God through our lessons.  God has shown me a glimpse of His goodness through the strengths and efforts of my children.  So today I decided to take and post a couple pictures of my kiddos to show off how great they are doing in school.  Because I am bursting with pride for them, and today, it's all about them.  

Aaron upon finishing "The Sunset Pond" in a single sitting (I highly recommend the
 Books to Remember series, by Laura Appleton-Smith!) and coloring a
Great Blue Heron (I also LOVE Dover Coloring Books)

Dominic finishing "Dad's Hat" and practicing three-digit numbers!

Ruth working on letters and "math."

Clare enjoys the classics.  She's very advanced.


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