Saturday, January 5, 2013

d.i.y.Eggnog Latte

or What I Did Today to Feel Like an Adult in a House Full of Kids

d.i.y. Eggnog Latte in Six Easy Steps

(Sorry.  I cannot offer any taste comparison to specialty coffee shop eggnog lattes because I practically never leave my house.  But this was pretty tasty!)

Step 1: Pour a half mug of strong coffee (what other kind is there???)
Step 2: In a separate mug, mix a half cup of eggnog and 1/4 c. milk.  
Step 3: Heat in the microwave for 45 seconds.  Hit it with your BonJour milk frother  (or a whisk?)
Step 4: Add frothy mixture to the coffee.
Step 5: Add a little whipped cream and sprinkle some nutmeg and cinnamon on top for a delicious scent and 
           to make it look pretty and professional.
Step 6: Ignore the children in your house (or thank your husband for taking most of them out sledding), sit    
          and sip.  (tip: it's easier to pretend you're in a cozy cafe if you sit facing the least cluttered area of 
           your home.  Some furniture re-arranging may be required...)


ps: please don't throw scornful looks my way, or call official authoritative authorities on me because I recommended that you ignore your children.  I really only advocate this type of behavior when you're attempting to cultivate the inner peace and calm that you vaguely recall from your quiet-corner-in-a-cafe days, before you had children.  So, no more frequently than, let's say, before breakfast, after breakfast, before school lessons, after school lessons, mid-afternoon, early evening, and mid-to-late evening, if your kids stay up that late (although you may want to switch to ignoring them with decaf at that point... or maybe by late evening you've switched to spiked eggnog.  Perfectly acceptable, just leave enough eggnog for a new round of lattes tomorrow!)

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