Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Post-It Note Love Story

Quiet rest time is a mandatory afternoon "activity' for children of every age in our home.   Aaron does his rest time in my room because two boys in one room in broad daylight would not provide any persons involved with any rest or quiet.  Yesterday during rest time Aaron obviously got his hands on a pencil and some post-it notes, because here's what I found when I went to bed last night...

a note on my night stand, a note on my mirror, a note under my pillow
Well, needless to say, words could hardly convey my emotion.  Such sweetness and love from my most challenging child!  To think of him tiptoeing around our room peppering it with love notes just melts my heart!

And then I found this note this morning.  It was one I managed to overlook last night...

"we need this laundry down the chute"

Ha ha!  Turns out he's full of sweetness, love, and a no nonsense authority in practical matters.  Honestly, after seeing this, I'm surprised he didn't leave a note that said, "you need to dust!" 

Thanks for keeping me on task, Aaron.  I love you, too, bud!  

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