Monday, April 29, 2013

Survival Mode Monday

Oh, how I've wished to join in Manual Mode Monday with Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things ever since she started documenting her adventures in manual photography.  (I love her blog!  Go take a look if you haven't before!)  But when I start tinkering with the manual mode on my camera, I get pictures like this, just not quite as in focus...

My skills, not a lack of desire, are the barrier between me and  Manual Mode Monday, though I will continue to read and learn from Sarah's tips... and maybe one day... well, we'll just have to wait and see.  

For now, may I present to you my photo submissions to Survival Mode Monday - a mode forced upon me by the absence of my husband all evening and the scary piles of laundry that are looming large and appear to be engaged in a sit-in - some sort of peaceful protest of filth and wrinkles.  I don't really know what it's all about...  I don't ask.

Survival Mode Monday consisted of the type of dinner that only the Best Mothers in the World make - pizza casserole.  (don't worry, they had salad too.) Followed by tons of backyard scooter time and a new game called "Under Arrested," which as far as I can tell is the sheltered child's version of Cops and Robbers.  Followed by ice cream sundaes and lots of laughs with Shaun the Sheep.  I definitely earned Favorite Mom status (at least until I announced bedtime) and have even laid some of the laundry to rest.  We made it through Monday.

PS. The laundry is pretty bad around here.  My system got away from me during the switch from Winter -to- Spring clothes.  Under these circumstances, a person might adopt a positive-energy mantra to overcome the struggle (Breath. "I ought to do this laundry.  This laundry won't do itself.  I will do this laundry.  It's not even like I have to go out to the well with a washboard.  I have an automated machine... and still it doesn't get done.  Peace.  I will do the laundry piece by peace."  Breath. Repeat.)  I didn't go with the mantra option.  I just threw up my hands and spoke the truth.  Ruth caught on... 

(tip your head sideways, and enjoy!)



  1. Cutest video I've seen in eons. Thanks, Theresa.

    1. Happy I could brighten your day! love, Theresa

  2. Awww, that was soo cute :) :)

  3. Hi! Visiting from Sarah's blog :) I LOVE the idea of Survival Mode Monday! I might have to start doing that on my blog, too! Looks like your kids had a great time (and what blonde cuties!) -- happy week!

    1. thanks for clicking over! Hope you have a lovely week also!

  4. Survival Mode Monday! I love it! I called my best friend yesterday and just by the sound of my weary voice, she said, "Monday?" Yes, Monday.

    Your pictures are super fabulous not in manual! :) your kids are adorable and I would like some of that ice cream, please. :)

    Adding your pretty blog to my feed reader.

  5. After our discussion and your inspirational photo, I think I need to make sure to include wine in our weekly grocery/medical budget :)


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