Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Theme Thursday :: Same Picture, Different Angles

Just a quick pic post from me to participate in Micaela's Theme Thursday photography party.  There's nothing like sneaking into a link-up at the tail end of it...

Last week's challenge was to snap the same picture from different angles.  I'm no photographer, but I had grandiose visions of grabbing my not-a-phone camera and heading out into the world to find a gorgeous photo to call my own.  

It didn't happen.

But I did catch my girls playing Camouflage with some of our animals amidst the glorious soft fibers of our new shag rug....  

Bingo.  Same pic, two different angles.  I'm in the link-up.  Except it was with my phone, so... I still haven't proven myself to be that "legitimate photographer" that I know is inside me just waiting to emerge... 

Just as soon as I learn how to really use my camera.  

And that probably won't happen before the next Theme Thursday, because Thursday is tomorrow...

Don't forget to check out Micaela's photo link-up.  You can get all the details here and can check out all the other "other angle" pictures here :)


  1. Love the from above shot! And I have yet to join the link-up too! Hopefully soon..maybe today? Life and it's wrenches are keeping me a little still these days. :)

  2. Your rug looks so cozy. Many those animals really do blend right in.

  3. Wow. Your phone must be newer than 4 years. That's a pretty good phone camera. Of course, the skills of the photographer are quite good, too. :)

  4. Love the two different angles! Does make a difference

  5. LOOOOOOVE both of these. They are striking in different ways.

    And while my goal is to use my real camera, I'm not making any promises. I'm sure there will be an Instagram week or two in there. :)


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