Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Easy-Peasy Bookmark Craft (Kid-Made Gift Series)

I'm so happy to have Micaela from California to Korea posting in the 
Kid-Made Gifts series this week!
After you're done reading here and making a bookmark, be sure to go hang out with her at her site - this was one of her recent posts that I like a lot!
Welcome to Micaela's readers new to Ordinary Lovely,
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My girls are taking a hand sewing class and their teacher is out of this world.  She is the perfect mix of challenging and patient, crafty and practical.  Last week she helped the girls make simply adorable bookmarks, and we quickly decided that these would be gifts for girl friends this Christmas!

I’m going to be really honest here, people.  This particular edition of the craft was completed (and all photos taken) by me, in about 20 minutes, in a car, heading southbound to San Diego.  No, I was not driving.

Lesson: if we can do it, anyone can.  Have fun!


Needle and thread (or sewing machine)
Safety pin
Hair tie


Cut a ribbon to about 18 inches (16 if it’s for a child who reads shorter chapter books).  

With the decorative side down, lay a hair tie over one end and fold the cut end of the ribbon over twice, so there are no exposed edges.  Use the safety pin (or a straight pin) to secure it temporarily.

Using the stitch of your choice (running stitch is simple and quick), sew a seam below the hair tie.  Pro tip: sew back and forth a couple times because the tension of the hair tie can cause the ribbon to unravel if you don’t do this part carefully.

Turn the ribbon around, and fold the ribbon over once, then fold into a “v” shape.  Use a safety pin (or straight pin) to secure it and then sew in the same method as above.

Turning the ribbon so the decorative side is facing up, attach your button near the “v”.

To use as a bookmark, lay in the bookmark on your page near the binding.  Wrap the bookmark around the outside of the book and attach the button to the hair tie.

And voila! Your bookmark is complete! Keep it for yourself or share it with your best friends.  Make it with your Little Flowers or American Heritage Girls group.  Put them in stockings or give them away as party favors!  The possibilities are endless.

Micaela is a homeschooling mom of 4, with the fifth set to arrive any day now.  She enjoys reading, writing, taking pictures, and laughing.  Most of her free time is spent… oh wait.  She doesn't know what free time is.  But she does love her family and friends and her faith.  You can read more about her adventures at her blog, California to Korea.

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I'm posting a different craft idea every week, so don't forget to check back for more...


  1. For a second you had me thinking "whyyyyyyyy do you need a hair tie for a bookmark!?" and then I kept reading and my brain is shouting "Clever! You did a clever thing!" In short, I love this. Thanks for sharing it with us! ~Willow


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