Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One of My Favorite Books is Being Made Into a Movie (and Why I Don't Go to the Movies)

I read the book Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand) about two years ago.  It is an astounding story.  It was exceptionally written.  It easily earned a spot on my top five non-fiction favorite list.  Unbroken is the phenomenal and disturbing true story of Louis Zamperini - delinquent Italian youth, Olympic runner, Second World War air force bombardier.  The book recounts one unbelievable turn of events after another, covering the time he spent drifting on the Pacific ocean in a life raft after his plane was shot down and then his rescue... by the Japanese, and then consequently, the time he spent as a Japanese prisoner of war.  It is hard to read.  But it is worth it. Because it is truly triumphant.

And they're making it into a movie.  From the trailer, it looks like they have done a fine job...


And I'm actually considering going to see it when it comes out in December.  Except...

I don' t go to the movies.  I just don't.  It hardly has anything to do with the fact that I have five unruly children that I'm hesitant to spring on an unsuspecting babysitter.  

(We interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to announce that just a few weeks ago, I got up the nerve to ask a high school student from our parish Vacation Bible School if she'd be interested in babysitting.  I was so nervous, I felt like I was asking someone on a first date to the eighth grade dance...  Anyway, she said yes!  Not only did she say yes, but she said she loves my kids, would love to babysit, and in fact is taking a child care refresher course this summer and is being re-certified in child CPR.   I've never taken a child care class or kept my CPR credentials up to date.......   So she's in!)

Back to my movie theater dilemma.  It's not because we can't land a babysitter or because I can't bear to have my precious angels out of my sight.  That's not it at all.  

Here are the reasons why I don't got to the movie theater and opt for DVD's at home:

1. Headaches.  The last movie I saw in the theater was King Kong.  Lame is the only word I can find for it, though I'm sure there are much more severe adjectives that will come to mind after I publish this.  Not only was it a bad movie, it was a LOUD movie and I got one of the worst headaches of my life watching that thing.  Movie headaches are wretched, but I'd almost be able to overlook it if they movie had been amazing - had been worth getting a headache for.  But no.  King Kong was not that kind of movie.  After that debacle, I vowed to never go to the movies again.

2. Volume Control.  (See above.)  I want to be able to turn the volume down on 30 minute car chases and turn it up when folks are quietly plotting their next heist or whispering sweet nothings to their lover.  At the theater, you are a prisoner of ear-drum destroying Dolby Digital Surround Sound.  

3. Bathroom breaks.  I want to be able to go to the bathroom when I want to go to the bathroom.  And I don't want to miss any of the movie while in the bathroom.  And I want to feel comfortable (and clean) sitting on the toilet in the bathroom and have a rug under my feet and not have to use foul-smelling public rest-room soap.  (Have you ever felt, as I have, that you're actually dirtier after washing your hands in a public restroom??)  

4. Snack breaks.  I want to eat reasonably priced snacks whenever I want to without missing any of the movie.  I want to be able to "pause" a movie and refill my drink six or seven times (and then go the bathroom six or seven times as the size of my drink warrants...)

5. Subtitles.  I never used subtitles until I met my husband.  He's not hard of hearing, but he does like to catch all the dialogue of a movie.  I used to despise the subtitles, but now I'm a fan.  Now I know what people are muttering in the background, and I even know when "Ominous Music" is playing.  The screen tells me.

6. Crochet.  It's too dark in a theater to work on crochet projects, and they generally frown on your wearing miners head gear in there so you can read your pattern.  At home, I can have all the yarn and hooks I want lying all over the living room floor and couch (as Russ reminds me daily...)  And if I miss a critical part of the movie because I was counting stitches, I can "rewind" or loudly ask Russ what I missed without disturbing the people in front of us (or behind us, or to the side of us).

7.  Romance.  If I'm not crocheting, I like to snuggle up next to Russ while watching a movie.  (For this purpose, we had the hard plastic arm rests removed from the middle of our couch.)

8.  Commentary.  You can't be a vocal critic in a theater...


9.  Expense.  We go out occasionally and spend money on a date night.  I like when we spend 30 dollars on Indian food (and date night conversation).  Once in a while, I may consent to spending a dollar on a Red Box movie.    

10.  Because homebodies *heart* home.  And we don't need an excuse to not go out.  We just need you to know, we love to stay home :)  

So, do you enjoy going to the movies?  What was the last great movie you saw?  And... do you think you'll be going to see Unbroken?  (read it first if you haven't!!)  


  1. I'm so with you on the subtitles, especially on all the BBC shows I like to watch on Netflix. I can usually only understand 80% of what they're saying, so . . . SUBTITLES!

  2. Rob has read it and really wants to see it in the theater. I would love to go with him, but also like to use the restroom whenever I like, love not paying $300 for snacks, and dislike movie headaches as much as you:)

  3. Yup! We do subtitles here too! I especially started using them while in grad school, considering it was 90% Deaf, and it just kinda stuck. Hubby loves catching all of the dialogue too. We make it out to the theatre probably about twice a year at this point. We actually went a few weeks ago to watch The Hunger Games movie. The seats were actually more comfortable than our bed! Feet outsretched, snuggle room, and uber comfortable! I kind of want to go back just for that since we've been sharing our bed with our youngest bambino lol But the price does hurt me. I mean really it's rough. Hence, twice a year or so. :) Love your list though. Every bit of it!


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