Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Embrace the Ordinary (Vol 2)

What am I embracing this week?

This kid.

And this kid.  

And the ability of both of them to drive my absolutely nuts - you know that burning question that every parent has - how can someone I love so crazy much make me so crazy mad?!?!?  These kids.  Lots of struggles lately.  Lots of love.  This evening I'm owning the nuttiness of it all and I'm planning to hug them extra tight in the morning.  

Parenting is tough.   Here's me offering up a prayer that the the daily bumps and bruises refine me and form them in holiness.  

“…there is something holy, something divine hidden 
in the most ordinary situations, and it is up to each 
one of you to discover it.”  
St. Josemaria Escriva, Passionately Loving the World

Linking up with the lovely Gina at Someday (Hopefully) They'll Be Saints!  

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  1. Theresa-
    Man, something is in the air for kids! Two of mine have also been CRAY-CRAY and if it wasn't for a bit of self-restraint (And the fact that we don't have anymore), I'd have noshed on a jar of cookie butter or ice cream tonight.

    Praying with you. (and wishing my comments would post as me in my new blog. sigh)


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