Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some New-to-Me Finds (Books for Early Readers)

I've recently started requiring more reading of Aaron.  He still reads out loud to me, but he's also started reading to Dominic (in the dark with a flashlight, of course!) before they go to bed at night, and I now also require that he do silent reading followed by an oral "report."  With all the additional reading he's been doing we needed to get some new material.  I'm always so grateful for recommendations on books written for children who are just on the verge of reading independence.  And I just love these three new series I discovered (as does Aaron) *they're not necessarily "new," but they're "new-to-me"* so I thought I'd pass along my own recommendations!  

Dodsworth in New York and other Dodsworth books, by Tim Egan

Dodsworth is off to seek adventure.  He's especially excited to see New York City, but he wasn't expecting to spend his time there chasing around a run-away duck!  At the end of the book, Dodsworth somewhat unexpectedly finds himself on a boat bound for France... time to order Dodsworth in Paris from the library!

Upstairs Mouse, Downstairs Mole and other Mouse and Mole stories, by Wong Herbert Yee 

If you love Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad books you will absolutely enjoy these Mouse and Mole books.  (In fact, they are dedicated to "friends of Frog and Toad.")  The stories of these two friends are sweet and humorous and the illustrations are delightful!  Aaron's read two from the series already and they're so fun we have two more on order! 

Billy and Blaze books, by C.W. Anderson

* We had tried reading some of the these about a year ago, but Aaron wasn't ready for them.  We recently tried again and they're a better fit now. * Billy has always longed for a horse of his own and finally receives the perfect pony for his birthday. After they prove themselves the perfect pair by winning a horse show in the first book, you can imagine the adventures Billy and Blaze will encounter and the challenges they'll tackle together in the rest of the series!


  1. I love this post! We love Billy and Blaze at our house, I have read them so many times over the years and we never get tired of them. The Dodsworth series was new to me, thanks for sharing it!

  2. These all look great! and our library has the mouse and mole books, just reserved:) we're in the same position as you, 2 right on the verge, actually as of 2 nights ago only one now:) our girl is now reading!!!! A rec for you, Mercy Watson books by Kate DiCamillo


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