Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tomie Finally Writes Back!

Well, it took a year, but Tomie DePaola wrote back to us!! (Read about our fan mail here!)  Ok, *wrote* might be a little misleading - while he did specifically thank us for the Irish soda bread, the rest of the letter seemed to be a fairly standard reply to fan mail.  But still - we were thrilled, especially since it had crossed my mind a few weeks ago that it had been a year and we hadn't heard anything and I naturally concluded that Tomie actually had written back quite some time ago, but the handwritten letter and autographed copy of "...insert favorite title here..." got lost in a freak mail truck alien abduction, and as there was no tracking on the package outside the 48 contiguous states ...  we never knew that he was sending us fan mail :)  

Right.  Here's what we did get:

here's me (and a prenatal fan)... super excited about the envelope

Aaron asked if we could write back to him.  Sure, maybe a year from now :)  I don't want Tomie getting nervous about a family of fans scary-stalking him via snail-mail - he might try to put a stop on that package with the autographed book ;)  

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