Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hawk About Town

... that's what the kids are calling the Red Tailed Hawk we keep spotting in our neighborhood.  We saw it for the first time last Wednesday, then again on Thursday and today (Tuesday). We've seen it quite a bit in the trees behind our house and a few times out in front, much closer up.  Today it was even hanging out with a bunch of crows.  Is that normal???  

We've all taken a great interest in being the next person to spot it... not like we're at all competitive around here ;)

I was hoping to do a little more hawk study and have the kids add some info to their nature notebooks, but a few minutes after they started drawing their hawks Dominic said, "I'd really rather work on my loom."  Fine with me.  Maybe we'll see another hawk another time when I have more stick-to-it-tiveness :) 

In other interesting neighborhood nature news, a couple weeks ago Russ and the kids spotted a wild honeybee hive when they were on a walk around the block.  We did a little research and it's pretty unusual to find a hive out in the "open" like this - usually they're in a hollow of a tree or rocky wall - so we thought it was a pretty cool discovery!  

Backyard science strikes again!  

(And right now, the backyard science is meteorology - all the kids - even Clare! - are out shoveling in the dark, hopefully getting nice and worn out for bedtime!)  

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  1. Ah, that honeycomb is so awesome!! Is it wrong to take it down before something happens to it? If not and you don't want it, I'll pay your boys for it :)
    It seems like there have been so many hawks around this year!! I've been seeing them everywhere...I wonder if there's something going on? And we're less enamored with them than you are with their chicken-hunting ways...but I still find them fascinating!


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