Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Expectation of Meteorological Changes to Come (and some camera talk)

The kids made the most of what was quite possibly the last snow of the season.  But... you really never know for sure...

You don't hear me complain about weather too much (besides the occasional grumbling brought on by oppressive humidity and outbursts of rage brought on by excessive mud.) I love living in an area where we have the privilege of experiencing all the seasons fully.  When it's winter here, it's really winter.  But without a serious winter, I suspect that we wouldn't appreciate spring as much.  Early spring finds us giddy with excitement - temperatures above 35???  Heat wave!!  Sunny, coolish warmish days,  tulip buds showing themselves, the first crocuses, the geese coming back, the local maple syrup flowing!  Blessed spring!  And just when you think you cannot stand one more spring rain, or the mud, or the never knowing if you'll need boots or sneakers, heavy coats or light jackets... The seasons change again.  Open windows, planting gardens, sunny afternoons in the sprinkler, popsicles, beach days, flipflops, splashing in the creek!  Splendid summer!  And... just when you think you cannot possibly take the humidity, or one more mosquito bite, or the bees overtaking your picnics, or the sticky mess of popsicles, or the sand in your living room rug... it's fall!!  Apples, and pumpkins, cinnamon sticks and kitchen spice candles, hot cider, cozy sweaters, gorgeous colors, and crunchy leaves, crisp air, stacking the firewood, lots and lots of baking, and  the Fall Soup Party!  Glorious autumn!  And then it drags on, and just when you can't bear the thought of lifting another rake, or mushy leaves gathering on the floor of the van, brown grass, and bare trees against gray skies... another welcome change!  The first soft snow, the excitement of the first plows on the roads, new mittens, sledding, snowmen, snowball fights and forts, seeing your breath in the air, cozy nights in front of the fire, hot chocolate, Christmas lights!  Glistening winter!  And though it seems it will never end, just when you think you've reached your breaking point and you can't possibly stand another frigid day, or shoveling the driveway, or storms and slush and ice... 

* * * * * *

And here is my one random picture from the maple sugar house we visited last weekend.  Please cover your ears because I'm going to scream here - AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Ok.  My camera and/or batteries choose the worst times to go all tech-trippy on me.  I keep thinking about getting a new camera - a big girl dSLR camera - but then I get scared off by the price and by the thought of approaching my husband with the request and the price, and so I resign myself to using my current camera until it malfunctions AGAIN and I realize a camera can only be dropped on the floor so many times before it says, "I'm outta here."  Sooo - please give me some camera advice, like what should I get and how should I keep it away from the children who invented the drop-the-camera-on-the-floor game.  (Coincidentally, these children happen to be the same ones that live in my house...)


  1. I have an Olympus E something. 300? 500? I don't remember which and the camera is downstairs and if I open our door, children will awake and think it is morning.

    But it has lasted almost a decade of abuse and does everything I want perfectly. I just looked up on Olympus's website to see what the new model was in that series. It was the E-5. Which is ridiculously expensive (I think mine was around $700 for a kit 8 years ago). But they have other cheaper models.

    1. Thanks! I'll check into it. Olympus is a name I haven't even been considering, so thanks for the tip!

  2. It made me so happy to see your comment today and to come visit you (one of my favorite places). I hope the camera woes end soon, but with whatever you have, you truly take gorgeous photos!

  3. Wonderful place for the kids to enjoy!


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