Thursday, October 3, 2013

Secrets (Theme Thursday)

Now that Cari's clarified that there are no rules to Theme Thursday, I can in good conscience use a picture from a year and a half ago and know that Mrs. Donaldson won't be sending her Clan after me...

I immediately knew which pictures I wanted when I read the theme, Secret.  

Last March, our sweet Clare Louise was born.  My very dear friend was planning to come to the hospital to visit me and meet Clare, but called on Friday night to say she wasn't feeling well and was planning to just go to bed.  The next afternoon, she called again and said, "What room are you in?  I'm in 224!"  WHAT???  She wasn't due for another three weeks!  But her own sweet daughter was born early that Saturday morning and we got to spend a day in the hospital, the four of us together!  I'll never forget how special that was! 

These girls, sharing their secrets from the very start... 

And, because I know you're brimming with curiosity wondering what these little darlings are up to today... here's a picture of them from this afternoon.  They just didn't get it that I wanted them to sit still and look like bosom friends harboring each other's deepest secrets.  Instead they chose to look like 18 month-old cuties who don't really know how to sit still and are still trying to figure each other out :)  

Don't forget to hop on over to Cari's for more Secrets.  You never know what you might uncover...  

(photos used with permission, of course!)


  1. This is just so sweet and I still think it's awesome how that happened! I love how in the first pic Clare looks sort of like she wants to eat her friend :)

  2. Two special mommas =two special friends!! May this gift of friendship be given to both of your special daughters!!
    Love this the photos...Lisa

  3. Isn't God good?! What little beauties ;)


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