Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Soup Party 2013

in case you're interested - the soup stars of the evening were the Cheddar Ale Cauliflower and the Spaghetti Ring and Meatball

It's always easier to get pictures of an event before it happens. 

The during photos of the Fall Soup Party were mostly shots of us eating messy soup.  Pictures of people eating are almost never attractive.  So there are relatively few photos of the Soup Party actually underway :(  

All the soups were in the kitchen.  Everything was defrosted but not hot, so each person had to microwave his bowl after making his selection.  This isn't ideal but I don't have a way to keep everything hot for the whole evening.  We use small bowls to encourage small servings of a variety of soups.  I keep all of the condiments (toppings?) at the table - salt and pepper, sliced bread, oyster crackers, tortilla chips for the black bean soup, three varieties of croutons, and two kinds of shredded cheese.  I used mason jars for a lot of these this year because it looked nice and they take up less space than bowls.  

Dessert was cake because not only was it the Fall Soup Party, it was also Russ' birthday!  The kids helped me finally use the carrots from our garden for a tasty homemade carrot cake!

Look at this guy...  Only a real dad isn't taken aback by the fact that someone's been dipping into the frosting even before he gets to blow out the candles...

* * * * * *

Here's a link to my post on the planning and prep (including the recipes for the ten soups pictured above!) that goes into the soup party.

And here's a link to last year's Fall Soup Party.


  1. I'm still waiting for you to get back to me on that whole being adopted by your family thing. FYI. Seriously, the pictures are gorgeous! Love your clever shots!

    1. Thanks, Mary, you're sweet! You can always join us over here, but I must warn you - we are not as normal as it may appear, and, more importantly - I never take pictures of the mess, so you'd have to be prepared for that :) (ps - my parents are really enjoying their "empty nest" years, so they might not be accepting applications!)

  2. wouldn't recipes for all of them be an awesome blog idea :)

    1. Mary, I included a link to a post with the recipes but it's kind of hidden at the bottom. Hope you get to check it out! Thanks for stopping by here and commenting! - Theresa

  3. All I really needed was the pictures...It look spectacular!!!...Love ya Aunt Claire

  4. Theresa- Great pictures- looks like so much fun- and your table looks prettier than the magazine picture- nice job! If you do adopt Mary- then that makes you my family too:) just so you know what you are taking on....


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