Friday, August 12, 2016

A Back-to-(Home)School Post Roundup

I've had a handful of people ask me about our school plans for this upcoming year.  


I'm lacking my usual back-to-school enthusiasm, but I've got the back-to-school anxiety aplenty.  

Our plans are made, most of the materials and supplies are bought.  I did all my supply shopping on Amazon for the first time.  I think it probably cost more, but it saved me a panic attack in the back-to-school department of Target.  And we get to see our friendly UPS guy - Brian -  more....   I'm sure he thinks I'm a shopaholic.  I want to say to him, "I'm not!!  I swear!  It's just scotch tape and glue sticks and No 2 pencils and flashcards.  And for whatever reason, Amazon sends them all in separate, but gigantic, boxes.  So I know it looks like you just delivered the latest fashion trend in every different color, but it's really just crayons.  And maybe baby powder..."  

I don't have anything new to offer this year by way of awesome curriculum options or fabulous new supplies, but I did want to gather some of my past homeschool posts for your perusal.  We're sticking with our tried and true favorite books, programs, and methods.  Even though I'm having trouble uncovering my usual enthusiasm for school, I am still heartily enthusiastic about the resources we've come to love :)  If you have any questions or suggestions, let's chat!  Maybe talking about books and plans will help kindle my excitement for the new year!  

****** Posts about Homeschool Curriculum, Supplies, and Resources ******

****** Posts on How We Homeschool ******

****** Other Posts With Thoughts on Homeschooling ******

Education in the Hands of Amateurs

I do love to chat books, supplies, and curriculum, so let's talk!  Got any questions about the stuff we use and love?  What are you using this year?  Happy planning!  


  1. Oh Theresa, sounds like you have a slight/bigger case of burnout {{}}
    How many years have you been homeschooling now? Be gentle on yourself.
    My advice (hard learnt) is find the one thing that makes you excited: reading books aloud, creating craft, hiking in nature, whatever it is make sure that is your starting point each day. slowly, slowly it will help you re-find some of your enthusiasm
    also make sure you spend some time each day outdoors, even if it's just hanging the washing, pushing little ones on the swing.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Erin! I really need it! We do need to re-find some of our enthusiasm. (We're going into our sixth year. Woah!)


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