Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One Week Post Car Accident (and the Giveaway Winner!)

Hi friends!!  The giveaway winner is....

... at the end of the post!  Hehe :) 
(you can skip down to there or you can read a few ramblings first to build suspense...)

So last Wednesday morning I wrote my first blog post (the book reviews and giveaway) in ages.  Then the two little kids and I hopped in the van to go pick up Ruth from the Study Center.  On the way home we were in a car accident that wasn't horrific, but wasn't a fender bender either.  I could give you my version of the story which would involve phrases like what the hell was the other driver thinking and why in God's name do they make airbags smell like the smoldering pits of Hell... but instead I'll give you little James' narrative of the incident:

Car crash, bang.  Scary.  Lunch flying everywhere, bang.  Jesus watching over us.
This is surprisingly accurate for a two year old who really just started talking a few weeks ago.  

It was scary.  We are still thanking God every day that we are fine and that the other driver was also fine.  And he accepted full responsibility.  And there were witnesses to speak to that effect.  So, thank you Jesus!  

I have a minor fracture in my right arm as a result of the accident.  But I have no cast (Alleluia!!) and am starting to use my arm a little more each day.  This means, yay!  I'll be able to crochet again!  But it also means no more milking the "I have a broken arm" excuse for not folding laundry, checking Aaron's blood at night, or getting myself a glass of water (which technically I could do entirely with my left hand, but you know...)  

Anyway, we were very generously helped by friends who brought us meals (and one who even did Clare's hair for me while she was here <3)  Thank you!), and my parents who've brought meals and helped us with transportation while we *gulp* shop around for a new van ("new" meaning a used, inexpensive vehicle that doesn't have dried vomit or rat poop in it - both exclusions making it an upgrade from our previous van....)  We currently have a gorgeous, shiny, glittery, pimped-out** rental Town and Country in our driveway (the kids still haven't realized there's a DVD player in there.........) but I'm too nervous to drive it.  Not because I'm afraid of reliving the crash or anything, but because it's just too fancy for my crew and me.  I mean, we don't really feel at home in a car unless there's a 1/2" of debris on the floor, grime on the steering wheel, and crusty old string cheese in the cup holders. 

Thank you to everyone who offered a prayer for us in the wake of my Facebook-ing and Instagram-ing about the accident.  I appreciate it so much!  Any additional prayers are welcome as we replace our van and navigate insurance issues for my arm -- it's a little surreal to have someone try to estimate what a healthy arm is worth to a stay at home, homeschooling mom whose only "wages lost" are perhaps the missed sale of a crocheted hat (and probably not even that ;) )

** The phrase "pimped out" refers specifically to a car, but sometimes a truck or SUV, that has been extensively modified, giving it a very expensive and extravagant look, or the "pimp car look" hence the term. This phrase is used very frequently in the Western New York State region. Examples of a "pimped out" car would be: Ground effects, neon lights, shiny or large rims, and very dark, or varied coloring of window tints in addition to many other things that would make an automobile look like it belongs in the movie "The Fast and the Furious."
Yo that ride is pimped out!
source: The OSD (that stands for Online Slang Dictionary.  Obviously.)  

*   *   *   *   *   *

AND NOW... the winner of Greetings from Somewhere: the Mystery of the Gold Coin is....

Sarah O!!

Congratulations, Sarah!  Why don't you FB message me your mailing address and I'll have this book off to you!  Hope your guys enjoy it! 


  1. I am not sure how I missed the fact that you were in an accident! I am so sorry! That is scary! That happened to us last June and our van was totaled by the other driver. Other than lots of PT for me and a concussion for one of my boys, we were thankful it was not more serious. Thanks to my Dad, who helped us search for a new van (and helped pay for it too), we have a loaded Town and Country . . . . I LOVE it! I love it so much I am not quite willing to give it up, even though if we all need to go somewhere, we do not fit in it!! Our rental was a Fully loaded Yukon XL and I felt so out of place in that vehicle!

    Praying you all recover well!!

  2. Theresa
    Oh Praising God you are all okay!! not perfect but well could be much worse xxx
    and praying for patience as you go car searching {}

  3. So very sorry that you were involved in an accident. I wish you a speedy recovery and so does my wife. We had a similar tragedy happen to our family. The wife was travelling to see her parents when a car collided with hers. She made it out ok but it was still very shocking. Glad you are ok.


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