Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Days of Family Friendly Soups (Sharing the Best of the Best from my Recipe Box)

This is it.  It's finally here - the series my fans have been begging for!*  For the next ten days, I'll be posting nothing but recipes (and then I'll switch back to my regularly varied and unpredictable content ;) )    

I am not a professional chef or even a hobby foodie, I just have seven mouths to feed and I like to make and eat soup.  I've made so many different soups in the past several years that I think I've developed an appreciation for "a good soup." Trying out new recipes is always a but risky, and we've certainly choked down some duds, but I've been making soup long enough now to know which ones my family really loves.

These 10 recipes are the ones we come back to again and again and again.  I feel so confident that these are objectively delicious and are even suitable for families with a picky eater in the bunch, I am putting my personal!) guarantee on these dinners.  Your family and friends will love them.**

Several friends have confided in me before that they don't think their kids will eat soup.  I posit that kids will eat soup if you give them a chance.  Smile and say "it's soup night" without apology (and serve lots of bread and cheese to go with it ;)  )  I actually stand by my story that I got my kids to eat soup by hosting our first "soup party" four years ago. It was a party.  Of course they were going to eat the party food!  Now, we have a yearly Fall Soup Party and eat soups all winter long. 

There are still several weeks of winter to go - plenty of time for you to try one or two  or ten new recipes!  I hope you do and I hope you like them as much as we do!  

Please feel free to share and Pin recipes for future reference.  After this 10-day recipe extravaganza, all soup recipes and other soup-related items (like how to host a soup party and serving tips) will be available on the all new Ordinary Lovely Soup Savvy Page!  Check back periodically for new links, recipes, and ideas!  

(first recipe to post later today - I have to leave some breathing room in between posts, you know!)

** Have a wonderful family-friendly soup recipe that you'd like to share??  Great!!
Head over to my facebook page, "like" Ordinary Lovely, and leave a link! 
Soup lovers everywhere will thank you! **

*   *   *   *   *   *

* um, not really.  I just like soup and thought I'd write about it and hopefully someone out there will appreciate these great recipes and mediocre food pics ;)

** actually, I make no real guarantees.  But I'm pretty certain you, your husband, your kids, your kids' friends, your in-laws, the neighborhood Sunday school teacher, the UPS guy, and the YMCA aerobics instructor will all love these.   All my kids do, so I feel like that's the real stamp of approval!!

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