Monday, June 16, 2014

15 Classic Audio Books for Kids on Audible (Under $6 Each!)

Are you looking for some inexpensive audio book options for your kids this summer?  Of course you are!  Even though we're into warm weather and glorious sunshine, if you're like us, you'll still be delving into stories every day - read-alouds and audio books - at rest time, in the car, and on rainy afternoons when the used-to-be grassy area under the swing set is a majorly muddy, muddy mud pit.  

We're going on a long car trip later this month so I've spent a handful of afternoons researching inexpensive long-car-trip sanity savers...

Here's my list of great classic audio book options from Audible, each under 6$!!  (prices were accurate as of the date this was published)

(Looking for the link to Heidi that used to be here?  It was read in Italian, and my kiddos are still working on their English, so I've replaced it with Alice in Wonderland.  Sorry about the mix-up!)


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