Thursday, May 29, 2014

Robin Eggs and Chocolate Nests and You Don't Mess With Tradition

The other evening we started out on a family walk after dinner.  It started to thunder and Ruth got spooked.  It started to rain, and I headed back inside.  But... ten minutes later it was sunny and we started off again.  It paid off...

Aaron found the first robin's egg of the season!

He said, "Now we get to make the dessert nests!"  Russ had no idea what he was talking about.  "You know, Dad.  The tradition."  ...  Apparently Russ didn't realized we have a tradition.

Aaron brought the egg shell home.

he says they don't smell too swell  
Dominic put it on his nature plate.  Bickering ensued.  

I got the ingredients for chocolate nests.  Because it's tradition.  But I messed with tradition and got pale greenish-blueish Jelly Belly's instead of bright blue.  An uprising ensued. They almost revoked my title of Chief Tradition Establisher and Maintainer.  Russ didn't realize that was even a title in our family, let alone one of honor...  We need to work on his involvement in fun family things :)

Happy Spring!

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  1. My kids are like this too! If I do something once, it must always be done forever in perpetuity and they never forget. But that's okay, I like traditions!


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