Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Scrap Bag Rainbow Quilt (What's Done is Done)

What's done is done.  That's what I kept hearing in my head as I finished up my rainbow quilt yesterday.  And every time I heard it, it was Mrs. Hugh's saying it.  Somehow, hearing her voice inside my head made the whole thing a little easier to swallow.

Finishing this quilt was bittersweet.  Sweet because it's done and I LOVE the colors.  Bitter because a lot went wrong and it didn't turn out as great as I wanted it to and I'm really upset about it.  The fabric got very bunched in the middle while I was quilting it (check out that row of green... ugh) and I had a major measure-once-cut-and-screw-it-all-up error, and so the quilt is much narrower than it was supposed to be. And other things.  Rrrrrrr.  I'm trying to let go of my frustration and just enjoy what I ended up with.  Because what's done is done, and now I am going to hop on over to Amazon and buy a walking foot for my machine.

I went a little nuts taking lots of pictures, because like I said, I do love how colorful it is!

Started with this...

Ended up with this... 

 - curse you, green row -
Folded up or draped over stuff, the imperfections are hidden, so we'll stick with the imperfection-hiding photos from this point on...

A few shots of the quilt in action...

Grainy photography courtesy of early morning poor lighting + 6 year old photographer.  As you may have guessed, minutes after these photos were taken, the new quilt was christened by my morning coffee.  I didn't cry, though;  people and things only become full fledged members of this family after having a baptismal-like encounter with my coffee.  

And because it's so colorful and I can't stop taking pictures of it, here are a few I got with the evening sun in our living room... Kind of artsy fartsy, and will probably make you think, "stop taking pictures of the dang thing already."  I get it.  Russ said as much :)  (Oh!! but I just love the colors so!  And looking at them is the perfect antidote for gray-sky-winter blues.  OK.  Enough.)

It's been my pleasure sharing this spectrum spectacle with you!  Hope you got your color fix!  


  1. It is GORGEOUS. What a treasure to have all those scraps from other special projects turned into something so beautiful!

  2. It's beautiful!! Awesome that it came from scraps!!

  3. Just gorgeous, and lots of work!
    btw Just tagged you:) Hope you can play, if too busy don't stress


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