Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Father's Day Tribute...

to the lawn mower Russ, who also happens to be the primary Lawn Mower in the household.  And if you ask my kids what their two favorite things in the whole world are they would probably say (1) Dad  (2) when Dad mows the lawn.

So here was our Father's Day...  

Pictures with Dad and Papa:

Hanging out with Dad:

Hanging out ON Dad:

And a lot of manly things, like...





Eating cupcakes (not necessarily manly, but still an important part of Father's Day):

And gifting (an idea I swiped from a friend and fellow blogger!):

note: it is very hard to find picture frames with four spots.  If it's important in your life to buy frames that have the same number of openings as you have children, than allow my hours of shopping experience/research to guide you.  Have three children, or 34...  

I'm running a little behind schedule, I know Father's Day was so four days ago.... but I hope it's not too late to mention how fabulous these men are.  Dad, you will always be the gold standard of fatherhood to which all other men are held up.  Russ, you hold that same high standing with your own kiddos!  (And boy are they lucky that you rank so highly next  to their Papa!)  Thank you to both of you for being such high quality family men and for being in my life!  Love, Theresa


  1. Those cupcakes are the bomb!!! Your Father's day tribute was on the money as I think YOUR Dad is just like MY DAD and Russ seems to be like them BOTH...How lucky WE ALL are!!! Love, Aunt Claire

    1. Aw, thanks, aunt Claire. Yeah, the men in my life are pretty spectacular. And I sure do miss Grandpa Sheehan! I wish my kiddos could have known him. Love you! -T


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